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Stationary Burnout

how to do a burnout the right way

Stationary burnout
how to do a burnout the right way


PUBLISHED: April 21st, 2021

Doing a motorcycle burnout is a bit of fun and another little skill to add to your motorcycle riding armoury. But like any stunt, there is a right way and a wrong way, the wrong way often ending up in tears, an empty wallet and being posted on various blooper videos on Instagram and YouTube.

However, that shouldn’t intimidate you, a stationary motorcycle burnout is just about the easiest trick to do on a motorcycle, is a real crowd pleaser and we think anyone can have a go! Also, when you are due a new set of tyres, this is the perfect opportunity to have a go!

First step is that we should ensure we are protected correctly, and it goes without saying that we use the best from the Knox collection

Second – make sure you are on a private piece of tarmac where you aren’t bothering too many people and not on a public highway.

Third – understand the physics – a burnout requires inputs to the motorcycle that are opposite in force, the rear wheel wants to go forward, the front wheel is stopping that force. Therefore, the main risks involve the rear wheel gripping or the front wheel slipping out. So, we have to be aware of that which leads us to prioritise de-weighting the rear tyre, and applying as much pressure and traction on the front wheel as we possibly can. Do not jump on the seat or be heavy on the seat, this is asking for trouble in my opinion!

Finally – as a disclaimer we cannot be made liable for any action taken as a result of this video, we’re just setting out the best and safest way to perform the trick.

So hope you enjoyed that one, please comment below.

Written by Aaron Travell

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