Best Winter Motorcycle Gloves


The best winter motorcycle gloves
the guide from Knox


PUBLISHED: October 15th, 2021

If you are like me and ride a motorcycle all year round, it is important to remain dry, warm, comfortable, and protected especially as the weather begins to take a turn. There is nothing worse than when the feeling in your hands start to shut down because of the cold and the pain that closely follows. Having full control and feel of the motorcycle, the grips, levers and switch gear allows you to ride for longer and enjoy the ride more. In this article we are giving you a guide to the best winter motorcycle gloves from Knox.

Knox hand armour options

Hadleigh gloves

Approach to winter gloves has changed over the years drastically. With the wide implementation of heated grip technology and the use of large hand guards to tackle the elements means the rider can wear a lighter weight short cuff glove. Lots of motorcycles come with heated grips as standard, even some sports bikes are coming fitted from the factory with heated grips! It’s worth mentioning that we test all the gloves in the collection to ensure they are compatible with heated grips, sometimes the heat from the grips can cause the inner liner membrane to fail because of the heat conduction.

It may be strange that the first glove we are introducing is a short cuff option however given the above, this style of glove may be suitable to a wide range of riders. Short cuff gloves are very popular due to the practicality and the styling. We do offer a fully waterproof and windproof short cuff riding glove both for men and women. The men’s Hadleigh and the women’s Hadleigh mk2 are constructed using 0.8mm Aniline cow hide with goat skin palm and Nubuck panels overlaid the fingers. Both gloves incorporate a waterproofing feature called Knox Seal inner liner – this membrane sits directly below the glove shell, enhancing the thermal insulation and natural heat of your hand, leaving you drier, warmer and more comfortable.

Like every glove in the Knox range, the Hadleigh gloves come with our low profile SPS on the palms. This system is designed to eliminate the grab effect that occurs when a leather palm makes contact with the road, reducing the risk of hyper extension which can be the cause of a broken scaphoid. To learn more about our SPS system, please watch our video below.

Whilst this is a great option for those looking for a short cuff waterproof glove, for those looking for a more traditional gauntlet glove we have three gloves, the Covert mk3, the Storm and the Zero3 mk2 glove. Each of these gloves are have different features and may be suitable for different kinds of riders depending on personal preference or budget etc. So, let’s take a look at them.

Covert mk3 gloves

First up we have our very popular Covert mk3 glove. This gloves popularity comes from its ability to be worn across a number of different seasons. Cold or wet weather riding gloves can sometimes be bulky and cumbersome which can affect feel or dexterity. We have designed a waterproof glove optimised for maximum dexterity using low profile materials and box construction for the fingers. The Covert is the perfect option for riders looking for a non-bulky waterproof glove. Waterproofing and wind protection is guaranteed by Knox Seal, a highly breathable laminated membrane stitched to the inside of the glove. This has been designed to ensure the fingers do not pull out when the glove is taken off – a frustration for so many riders.

Protection is provided by SPS and our innovative 4mm MicroLock armour, this can be found on the knuckle, thumb and outer wrist. To find out more about our MicroLock armour please check out the video below.

The Covert is a very practical glove. We have added a number of features to allow ease of use. The Covert features an expanding cuff zip which allows the rider to put on or take off the glove with ease. Additionally, the glove has integrated accordion stretch panels on the fingers, thumb, and top of hand for increased flexibility, further increasing feel.

If you are looking for a 3 season riding glove without compromise in dexterity, comfort or feel the Covert mk3 is the perfect choice.

I wanted a glove that would keep me dry and warm when the weather is more unpredictable, but I didn’t want a pure winter glove. Both because I didn’t want to sacrifice feel, and I won’t be riding in sub-zero (C) temperatures anyway. This seemed to be a good fit, and it was.” – Niklas

Storm Winter Gloves

Next is the Knox Storm glove which offers great performance in any riding conditions at an affordable price. The Storm glove tackles the elements very effectively through a carefully chosen mix of materials and technology.

Starting with MicroLock, this innovative armour has been integrated to improve protection and is incorporated in the finger, knuckle, and wrist gauntlet. MicroLock has been designed to be super streamlined and soft to touch but will lock to absorb impact when you need it most. Next, we have our patented Scaphoid Protection System (SPS), like every glove on the Knox range the SPS is fitted to the palm areas of the gloves. Another feature built in by Knox is the Lift and Lock closure system, which is also seen on the Urbane Pro glove. This quick and easy system ensures a correct and secure glove fitment every time, this means less time fiddling and more time enjoying the open road! Further features of the gloves include reflective detailing on the fingers and cuff, touch screen compatible fingers and a very useful visor wipe on the thumb.

As for the materials used, we have combined luxury Goat skin with a textile outer to optimise comfort and performance. The inner of the glove is lined with a Hipora membrane, this membrane is stitched to the inside of the glove allowing you to freely remove your hand without pulling out the liner, which is often the case with other gloves. The membrane works to eliminate water intrusion and wind chill. The liner combined with the outer shell of the glove ensures the rider remains warm and dry even in the heaviest and coldest of riding conditions.

Zero3 mk2 glove

And finally, we have the Knox Zero3 mk2 winter glove. This high-performance glove is packed with technology and Knox exclusive features to ensure you, the rider remains warm and dry.

On the outer of the glove we have added goat skin shell construction with Durable Water Repellency, and on the inner, like the Covert, the Zero3 features our Knox Seal liner which is 100% waterproof and breathable. To tackle the cold, the Zero3 glove also incorporates Primaloft® thermal insulation and Bemberg polyester micro fleece liner for comfort, heat insulation and warmth.

As for protection, SPS is also added to the palm of the gloves. Further, our smart MicroLock armour is integrated into the Zero3 on the knuckle area, a floating knuckle constructed using tough fabric gives ultimate comport and protection. Along with the safety of the glove, we have designed the glove to be reflective using 3M panels for increased visibility in poor conditions. Similarly, to the Storm glove, the Zero3 features our lift and lock wrist secure system, a visor wipe on the left finger and touch screen tech on the fingers. Feel and dexterity is maximised using accordion stretch panels and a box construction design on the fingers, seen on the Covert glove.

The Zero3 mk2 is the ultimate adverse weather riding glove, we have carefully designed this glove to perform in even the worst riding conditions. The Zero3 mk2 not only performs outstandingly but also looks great!

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So, there we have it, our guide to the best winter gloves. All of these gloves are available in sizes S-3XL and if you require more information about any of the gloves, check out the linked product pages where we have a detailed breakdown of each glove. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us or leave a comment. Thanks for reading!

Written by Olly Milton

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