Women’s Urbane Pro® MK2

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Women’s Urbane Pro® MK2


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Designed to be worn on its own in hot weather with No Jacket Required, the Urbane Pro Mk2 is the ultimate women’s lightweight, breathable, impact and abrasion resistant motorcycle armoured shirt.

CE approved as a standalone “Class AA” garment with approved abrasion resistance built in, meaning an outer shell is no longer necessary unless you want to wear one.

The Women’s Urbane Pro Mk2 has taken another huge leap forward in performance for 2021, going from a Class A garment designed for hot weather riding, to the higher-Class AA, which is a class normally reserved for tougher textile or leather jackets.

This improved technical performance of the Urbane Pro Mk2 comes at no loss of breathability or extra weight. The shirts design aesthetic, abrasion resistance, superior stretch comfort, lightweight and breathability remain intact.

The all-important technical CE classification is highlighted on the jacket.

Designed to be the most versatile, CORE garment for any rider, no matter what motorcycle they ride. Worn close to the body, the armour stays in place and won’t move around.

In changing weather conditions just add warm or waterproof layers, knowing that the Urbane Pro Mk2 is still the CORE abrasion and armour layer beneath. The Urbane Pro Mk2 has been designed to work seamlessly with all styles of Knox base layers, mid layers and outerwear.

Skillfully designed using high performance technical fabrics specially selected for their abrasion, cut and tear resistance.URBANE PRO is the Registered Trade Mark of Planet Knox Limited.

Style Notes

Style Notes

Armoured shirts are at the heart of Knox protective apparel.  They were first invented by the brand in the 1990s and have been a signature style ever since.


Wearing a close-fitting armoured shirt is the best way to protect a rider.  It ensures the armour is comfortably held in the right places, rather than it moving around in a loose jacket.

The latest collection of shirts is part of the new Seasonless Collection from Knox.  With Knox, motorcycle apparel is rendered Seasonless.  There is no spring, summer, autumn, or winter wear.  Instead, riders have one hardworking layered ensemble.  This is built with an armoured shirt at its core.  It can then be adapted to suit all weather conditions by either adding or subtracting layers. The Knox Seasonless Collection is adaptable, sustainable, and protective.


The Urbane Pro Mk2 has now become the go-to armoured shirt for riders wanting to keep cool in hot weather but without compromise on protection.  This armoured shirt has been designed to be worn on its own in hot weather.  It’s the most versatile, CORE garment for any rider, regardless of what motorcycle they ride.  This piece has amazing breathability and impact protection combined with an abrasion resistance, that works at a level never experienced before.  Keeping cool, yet safe is what the Urbane Pro Mk2 delivers to the wearer.


Knox had to start from scratch and develop its own new, tough stretch mesh fabrics for the Urbane Pro Mk2, to be approved as a Class AA garment.  This classification is normally reserved for heavy fabric or leather jackets.  The reassuring technical performance of the armoured shirt adds no extra weight, nor does it come at a loss of breathability. The shirt remains lightweight, breathable and abrasion resistant, while the wearer enjoys superior stretch comfort.


Constructed with high tenacity stretch nylon, which is combined with newly developed mesh fabrics allows for flexibility, comfort, and maximum air flow to keep the wearer cool.  Stretch mesh on the forearms and under the arms adds more breathability.  The SMART technology using Micro-Lock armour on the back, shoulders and elbows means that the armour is soft to wear, but locks on impact and therefore absorbs the impact energy before it’s passed to the wearer’s limbs or back.  The Micro-Lock in the shoulders and elbows is Approved to EN 1621-1:2012 L1 and the Level 2 back protector is Approved under EN 1621-2: 2014 L2



The technical CE classification, Class AA garment under the CE standard EN17092, is clearly highlighted on the jacket.  The shirt is practical enough to be worn on its own thanks to it having two zipped side pockets with YKK zips throughout.  There is a large back pocket big enough to carry a rain jacket along with two convenient interior pockets.  Premium detailing continues with discreet Knox branding on the chest, front hem and back and a new patch on the sleeve highlights Knox’s heritage.  Thumb loops have been added for added security and an improved security belt loop system is highlighted on the inside, to ensure riders can secure their trousers to the shirt.


The Urbane Pro Mk2 is available in three colours,

black, black with black denim and grey/black/denim.

The Urbane Pro Mk2 is available in no fewer than 7 sizes from size 8 to size 20.

Details & Fit

Details & Fit

  • CE approved Class AA garment under the CE standard EN17092.
  • Constructed using high tenacity stretch nylon, combined with newly developed mesh fabrics. Tough breathable arrownet mesh for abrasion, cut and tear resistance in high impact areas.
  • Soft but durable stretch mesh panels for flexibility, comfort, and maximum breathability to keep the rider cool.
  • Includes the most advanced and softest Knox MICRO-LOCK armour in the shoulders, elbows and back.MICRO-LOCK uses SMART technology and properties to keep the armour super soft to touch, but it locks when impacted.  The locking action increases the amount of impact absorbed by the protector and reduces the energy passed through to the back and/or limbs.
  • Low profile Shoulder and elbows – EN 1621-1:2012 L1
  • Full CE approved Back protector – EN 1621 -2 Level 2
  • New patch on the sleeve highlights Knox’s heritage and design.
  • A separate removable MICRO-LOCK chest protector can be added as an optional extra.
  • 2 exterior zipped pockets for secure storage
  • 2 handy interior low-profile pockets
  • Waterproof over jacket can be purchased separately
  • Discreet Knox branding.
  • Thumb loops for added security.
  • Improved security belt loop system is highlighted on the inside to secure the shirt to trousers.
  • Machine washable garment – remove armour before washing. Always read the wash care labels.
  • Women’s Sizes XS – 3XL (UK 8-20) see size guide for details.
  • Colours – 3
  • Black – Black/Denim – Black/Grey/Denim

Additional Fit Guide

Measure XS S M L XL 2XL 3XL
Centre Front Length (CM) 53 54 54 54 55 55 56
Approximate Underarm length (CM) 49 49 49.5 49.5 49.5 50 50




Product FAQ's

Product FAQ's

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Reviews (26)

  1. Philippa

    Great product, light and good to wear under other jackets or hoodies if weather is warm. Lose one star as pockets are far too small. Need to work on pocket size to be useful. Should fit phone as a minimum.

  2. Ian S. (Provence and Switzerland)

    The urbane pro shirt is great for the hot summer. My wife wears this in south France, where summers really are hot. It allows lots of air to flow through. I cannot vouch for it’s abrasion resistance as we have not fallen off (touch wood). Like all Knox products the armour is very comfortable. Again, I luckily have not had the opportunity to test the effectiveness of the armour. The pro shirt is very well made and sturdy. I think it will last a long time and its washable which is a necessity. Its true to size and it is not stretchy like the action shirt so you need to get exactly the right size. Great product.


    I love my armored shirt, great fit, durable!!!!

  4. Neil Hopkinson

    Great fit and excellent armour in this mesh top.

  5. Carol Boyd

    I absolutely love this jacket. It’s comfortable on hot So Cal days and has a stylish, corseted fit.

  6. pretmar82

    The Urbane Pro is a life saver in the Summer. Not only does it allow you to enjoy riding in comfort with total protection during the hottest months of the year. It is also stylish and fitting and a great travelling companion. It takes up much less space than any other motorcycle jacket and you can simply wear your favourite every day jacket over it if the temperature drops a little. I often wear it with a nice leather jacket or with my down jacket on a colder day, and when I get to my destination I have a normal jacket with me. Also the armour is nice and flexible and it fits snugly against your body, giving you peace of mind. The back armour is a bit heavy, but you don’t geel it when you wear it. Its comfortable enough.

  7. Simone

    Best motorcycle jacket ever. Cool to ride in summer only with this jacket, it gives protection but isn’t too warm. But also great in wintertimes, because you can combine it with any jacket without lacking protection. Love it. Best Buy!

  8. Bea

    Perfect choice – for colder days with a leather jacket, for warmer days with just a thin windproof one. Surprisingly soft and nicely snug, always stays in place. The pockets are really small though, that’s the only imperfection.

  9. Jacqui Collyns

    Just Amazing

  10. Julia

    I own a previous version of the Knox armoured shirt, which I have been very happy with (even thought it is slightly small on me). This version was on offer with a jacket purchase, so I decided to upgrade. Very happy I did, it is much more comfortable, and actually a jacket on its own. Was out in 5 degrees this morning and wearing this under the Levett jacket really kept me nice and warm.

  11. cnslr

    I never ride without safety gear, so this is just perfect for commuting or for quickly getting a sixpack from the gas station. It feels very safe, yet quite cosy and I wear it under all of my jackets

  12. Andrea

    A great summer jacket for the Australian heat. Unfortunately the stitching on one of the pockets has come undone which is disappointing given the price of this jacket.


    Looking for a jacket that will provide every safety feature and be so lightweight and non-bulky at the same time? Then look no further. Knox are one of the UK’s leading motorcycle garment companies that incorporate both safety and style, without their products being too bulky or heavy. I have just purchased the Knox Women’s Urbane Pro and I cannot put into words how happy I am with it. It fits perfectly which means the armour does not move around and stays in place – this in comparison to other jackets where the armour will constantly move and become irritating whilst riding. The Urbane Pro was previously recommended to me from a family member who said the garment is perfect for summer as it is breathable which not many jackets are and hence you become overheated when riding in summer but not with the Urbane Pro. If you are looking for a jacket that shall go above and beyond, choose Knox Urbane Pro.

  14. Kerry Kinsman

    (verified owner)

    I love this jacket! So light and airy while feeling solidly safe. The guys at Knox were so helpful over their online chat to help me with sizing as I was in between sizes. For reference, I am 36-26-37 (a size 8/10 l, but with a bust which can make me a 12 in some jackets). I ended up ordering both a small and medium for comparison, and although the medium appeared better sizing on paper, I found the small to be a better fit for me; it is stretchy around the chest and so there is plenty of give to accommodate without leaving me feeling stifled. I also felt that it fit better around the neck, and the elbow armour felt more snug. My sister-in-law (size 10) happily bagged the medium! Superb jacket, nothing not to love, and whilst it’s not the cheapest I feel it’s very cost effective as you can layer over with any jacket or top whatsoever knowing that you have your PPE below. It is also a nicely flattering cut. This is my first purchase from Knox, but I will be a returning customer!

  15. Helen Lamb

    (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing bit of kit. I’ve never wore a more comfortable and lightweight jacket, and stunned it has AA rating as well.
    I have a large chest of 38inches and find the 12 to be a perfect, snug, bodily fit. I’m normally a 10, and do find the arms to be a little baggy and not as tight fitting as the body but it’s still a VERY comfortable fit. You can really feel the quality of the materials used, perfect to just put a thing base layer and it flows alot of air. I wear mine with a jersey for visibility on nicer days.

    The armour is second to none and have even hung up my Knox back protector. It forms to your body after about 5/10minutes of wear and sits perfectly. The back armour covers well.
    I’m 5ft 3 for reference, 56kg, size 10 with a 36 bust.

  16. SuzyS1KRR

    This jacket is literally perfect! It’s stretchy so fits the female form. It’s not bulky but is super protective. Wear on its own on a hot day, or throw on a hoody or wind proof jacket on cooler days. It’s the jacket for all riding conditions. Size down as it’s stretchy 🙂

  17. Lucy Bonham

    (verified owner)

    Ordered from Australia. Arrived in 5 days. Lovely quality, feels awesome on. Nice and cool. I even had a friend look at it and go order one. I used the size guide. I’d class myself as a medium but according to the size guide came out a large. That’s what I ordered and it fits great.

  18. [email protected]

    (verified owner)

    Great fit!

  19. Zoe

    Great jacket love love love comfortable and fit perfectly without having to size up fit my hips as I normally have to.

  20. Christine Ellwood

    (verified owner)

    LOVE this!!! Fits great and looks amazing.

  21. Jocelyn

    I love that I can wear my regular hoodies over this and no one would know I am super safe and protected. The fit is so perfect and true to size – I am in love with this!!

  22. Lisa Shuttlewood

    (verified owner)

    I am new to Motorcycling and spent ages trying to find a jacket that was suitable all year, looked great and not too bulky as well as being safe. I found it with this. Love it

  23. Kate Hoad

    My absolute favourite item of biker gear, this is now my ultimate go-to jacket for any and every season. The fit is superb which means the armour sits comfortably in place and doesn’t move around as it does in some of my other jackets ( I have quite a few!) which means I not only feel less restricted in my movements but also far safer. It is far lighter than any other jacket too, even my Armure fully vented jacket, which again allows for unrestricted movement. Being able to wear this jacket as a stand-alone item during the recent hot weather has been an absolute godsend, even when in slow-moving or stationary traffic. And with this jacket being stretchy enough to allow for an extra layer underneath as well as unobtrusive enough to allow for “normal” garments to be worn over the top, what you have here is the only jacket you really need – unless you wish to get all the colourways 🙂

    My only gripe, and it’s really not that much of a gripe, is the thumb loop. I find it to be a little tight sometimes which causes a small amount of discomfort in the joints of my thumbs. Personally, I would prefer to maybe see an extension of the inner sleeve with a thumbhole, similar to those you get in some hiking jackets or running tops.

    Overall I am super happy with my purchase and I eagerly await the mark III version in copper being added to my collection of Knox gear.

  24. S nunes

    (verified owner)

    I’ve been trying on every brand and style of jacket offered. This has been the only one so far that still makes me feel feminine without sacrificing safety. I’m so happy I found a fellow biker on tik tok who wore this and asked her the brand. Best choice I’ve made.

  25. Emma Lyn

    Love it very feminine and AA protection.

  26. Jenny

    (verified owner)

    I’m so happy with my women’s Urbane Pro Shirt! The fit is fabulous – true to measurements but with enough stretch to accommodate small differences in body shape. As I’m 5’11”, I checked the length with Knox before purchasing and it works for me and doesn’t ride up. The arms are also long enough.
    The shirt is super-comfortable and has been great for winter trail riding and road use under a shell layer – I forget I’m wearing it and it’s much easier to move in than my previous armoured jacket. It looks so good on, I will have no hesitation about wearing it without an outer layer in warm weather.
    Well done Knox – it’s a brilliant, high-quality product and feels amazing as a larger and taller than average woman to find a garment tailored for me and not have to resort to buying mens’ sizes.

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Size Guide

Need help? Use Live chat or email us at: [email protected]

Chest: Measure around the fullest part of your bust and your shoulder blades.

Waist: Measure around the natural waistline. This will usually be the smallest part.

Hip: Measure around the fullest part of your hips. As a guide, this is often 20cm below your waist.

Please note: The measurements given are body measures and we recommend you do not measure over clothing. Also please hold the tape measure firmly and not loosely as the measurement needs to be fitted. Armoured shirts are designed to be fitted garments. If you measure in between sizes we recommend you select a size up. E.g if you measure 85cm bust, go to 87cm.

Women's UK Sizes International Size Bust (inches) Bust (cm) Waist (inches) Waist (cm) Hip (inches) Hip (cm)
8 XS 33 83 25 64 35.5 90
10 S 35 87 27 69 37.5 95
12 M 37 92 29 74 39.5 100
14 L 39 97 31 79 41.5 105
16 XL 41 102 33 84 43.5 110
18 2XL 43 107 35 89 45.5 115
20 3XL 45 112 37 94 47.5 120
8 36 34 4 9
10 38 36 6 11
12 40 38 8 13
14 42 40 10 15
16 44 42 12 17
18 46 44 14 19
20 48 46 16 21


Core Knox pieces, used for every ride and every season. Start with core protection and add layers to adapt and overcome all conditions, from unbearable heat through to driving rain.


The Knox Urbane Pro Shirt has become famous amongst riders and there is one phrase that  captures its USP  – NO JACKET REQUIRED. But what does that really mean?

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