Men’s Urbane Pro® MK2

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Men’s Urbane Pro® MK2


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Designed to be worn on its own in hot weather with No Jacket Required, the Urbane Pro Mk2 is the ultimate lightweight, breathable, impact, and abrasion-resistant motorcycle armoured shirt. CE approved as a standalone “Class AA” garment with approved abrasion resistance built in, meaning an outer shell is no longer necessary unless you want to wear one.

The Men’s Urbane Pro Mk2 has taken another huge leap forward in performance for 2021, going from a Class A garment designed for hot weather riding, to the higher-Class AA, which is a class normally reserved for tough textile or leather jackets.URBANE PRO is the Registered Trade Mark of Planet Knox Limited.

Style Notes

Style Notes

Armoured shirts are at the heart of Knox protective apparel.  They were first invented by the brand in the 1990s and have been a signature style ever since.


Wearing a close-fitting armoured shirt is the best way to protect a rider. It ensures the armour is comfortably held in the right places, rather than it moving around in a loose jacket.

The latest collection of shirts is part of the new Seasonless Collection from Knox.  With Knox, motorcycle apparel is rendered Seasonless.  There is no spring, summer, autumn, or winter wear.  Instead, riders have one hardworking layered ensemble.  This is built with an armoured shirt at its core.  It can then be adapted to suit all weather conditions by either adding or subtracting layers. The Knox Seasonless Collection is adaptable, sustainable, and protective.


The Urbane Pro Mk2 has now become the go-to armoured shirt for riders wanting to keep cool in hot weather but without compromise on protection.  This armoured shirt has been designed to be worn on its own in hot weather. It’s the most versatile, CORE garment for any rider, regardless of what motorcycle they ride. This piece has amazing breathability and impact protection combined with an abrasion resistance, that works at a level never experienced before.  Keeping cool, yet safe is what the Urbane Pro Mk2 delivers to the wearer.


Knox had to start from scratch and develop its own new, tough stretch mesh fabrics for the Urbane Pro Mk2, to be approved as a Class AA garment.  This classification is normally reserved for heavy fabric or leather jackets.  The reassuring technical performance of the armoured shirt adds no extra weight, nor does it come at a loss of breathability.  The shirt remains lightweight, breathable and abrasion resistant, while the wearer enjoys superior stretch comfort.


Constructed with high tenacity stretch nylon, which is combined with newly developed mesh fabrics, allows for flexibility, comfort, and maximum air flow to keep the wearer cool.  Stretch mesh on the forearms and under the arms adds more breathability.  The SMART technology using Micro-Lock armour on the back, shoulders and elbows means that the armour is soft to wear, but locks on impact and therefore absorbs the impact energy before it’s passed to the wearer’s limbs or back.  The Micro-Lock in the shoulders and elbows is CE Approved to EN 1621-1:2012 L1 and the Level 2 back protector is Approved to EN 1621-2: 2014 L2.



The technical CE classification, Class AA garment under the CE standard EN17092, is clearly highlighted on the jacket.  The shirt is practical enough to be worn on its own thanks to it having a zipped chest pocket and two zipped side pockets with YKK zips throughout.  There is a large back pocket big enough to carry a rain jacket along with two convenient interior pockets.  Premium detailing continues with discreet Knox branding on the chest, front hem and back and a new patch on the sleeve highlights Knox’s heritage.  Thumb loops have been added for added security and an improved security belt loop system is highlighted on the inside to ensure riders can secure their trousers to the shirt.


The Urbane Pro Mk2 is available in three colours,

black, black with black denim, and grey on black.

The Urbane Pro Mk2 is available in no fewer than eight sizes from S – 5XL.

Details & Fit

Details & Fit

  • CE approved Class AA garment under the CE standard EN17092. The all-important technical CE classification is highlighted on the jacket.
  • Constructed using high tenacity stretch nylon, combined with newly developed mesh fabrics. Tough breathable arrownet mesh for abrasion, cut and tear resistance in high impact areas.
  • Soft but durable stretch mesh panels for flexibility, comfort, and maximum breathability to keep the rider cool.
  • Includes MICRO-LOCK armour in the shoulders, elbows and back. MICRO-LOCK uses SMART technology and properties to keep the armour super soft to touch but it locks when impacted.  The locking action increases the amount of impact absorbed by the protector and reduces the energy passed through to the back and/or limbs.
  • Shoulder and elbows – EN 1621-1:2012 L1
  • Full CE approved ack protector – EN 1621-2 Level 2
  • New patch on the sleeve highlights Knox’s heritage and design.
  • A separate removable MICRO-LOCK chest protector can be added as an optional extra.
  • YKK zips throughout.
  • 2 exterior zipped pockets. One on the chest and one back pocket large enough to store a rain jacket if needed
  • 2 handy interior low-profile pockets
  • Discreet Knox branding on the chest, front hem and back
  • Thumb loops for added security
  • Improved security belt loop system is highlighted on the inside to ensure riders can secure their trousers to the shirt.
  • Machine washable garment – remove armour before washing. Always read the wash care labels
  • Men’s Sizes S – 5XL (see size guide for details)
  • Colours – 3
  • Black – Black/Denim – Black/Grey
  • Part of the Knox Seasonless Collection. Add or subtract layers for added warmth and waterproofness

Additional Fit Guide

Measure S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL
Centre Front Length (CM) 57 58 58 58 59 59 60 60
Approximate Underarm length (CM) 60 60 60 60 61 61 62 62




Product FAQ's

Product FAQ's

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Reviews (67)

  1. Stuart Davies

    So pleased I ordered this, it opens up so many more possibilities when its just too hot for full leathers. I’m 6 foot 4 inch and average build and the XXL fits perfectly. It came with a hanger and a cloth cover to keep it in.
    Service was top rate as well, all in all a well deserved 5 star item.

  2. martynball

    Amazing jacket, you have all the protection without the bulk and heat of a normal textile jacket! It’s nice to be able wear a normal hoodie over the top too!

  3. Carlos Beltran Farpon

    I have used my urban pro shirt for 500 kms (310 miles) but I am really happy with it. I was unsure about how bulky would it be, but I can wear it under my old winter jacket (I just had to remove the old jacket protections) and it fits perfectly. That means that you can use a urban pro shirt alone or with your actual clothes with no problem, there is no need to buy any extra cloth.
    For sizing references (I used the size guide in this web and it was perfect) I am 1’73 m tall, I weight 70 kg and M size is really confortable. As it is somehow elastic I could wear a S size, but it would be a little bit tight for me.
    In summer I will buy shoulder and elbow level 2 protections, but the back protector in the urban pro shirt is really good (other jackets built in protectors cover much less surface). I will do this because I travel a lot; if I was going to drive in the city, I won´t need any other protectors.
    I don´t give the maximum rating because of the shoulder and elbow protections and because it does not have belt loops, but in a 0-10 escale I would give it a 9.

  4. Ian S. (France and Switzerland)

    The urbane pro shirt is great for the hot summer. I wear this in south France, where summers really are hot. It allows lots of air to flow through. I cannot vouch for it’s abrasion resistance as I have not fallen off (touch wood). Like all Know products the armour is very comfortable. Again, I luckily have not had the opportunity t test the effectiveness of the armour. The pro shirt is very well made and sturdy. I think it will last a long time and its washable which is a necessity. Its true to size and it is not stretchy like the action shirt so you need to get exactly the right size. I went for an M action shirt but needed an L Pro shirt.

  5. Geoff

    The Urbane Pro shirt is ideal for summer use here in Spain. Temperatures reach into the high 30s and my usual summer gear is just too hot! Not so with the Urbane, even sitting at traffic lights on my air cooled v-twin was fine.
    Would anticipate wearing this from May-November here in temperatures from 20c-36c.
    Highly recommended.

  6. Tim Kenney

    Great modern take on both safety and comfort. I was nice and cool in Spain – when all around me were encased in bulky and hot heavy duty kit.
    I just threw a jacket over it when it rained. job done.
    Superb piece of Riding Gear .. cant wait for the sun to come out again

  7. glenzammit

    Its amazing. The fit is really good. The quality is impeccable.

    I rode it on a tour in Italy in August on 44 deg celc and it was very comfortable.

  8. Christopher Howe

    Great product easy to wear totally changed my biker clothing I now layer up using this on top of a base layer then windproof jacket for cold days with a waterproof outer shell should it be wet.

  9. Robert Luke

    Great product. Very fitted, so expect a snug fit. Very cool for summer considering The level of armor.

  10. Paul

    I have worn my Urbane Pro Shirt many times underneath other garments while riding, and it is great to know that even if the warmer garments layered overtop aren’t “motorcycle clothing”, I am still safely protected by my Knox layer underneath. Whatever else I wear on top, I am already wearing a fully approved, fully protective layer that will keep me safe if the worst happens.

    Yesterday I got to wear the Urbane Pro with nothing over top for the first time. It was about 30 degrees out, and a perfect day for riding, and riding in my Urbane Pro was amazing. I stayed cool and enjoyed my ride with the knowledge that even though I was so cool and enjoying the lovely breeze, I was still fully protected if anything went wrong.

    This thing is amazing and adaptable to all weather conditions by simply layering more over top of it as required.

    Those outer garments don’t even need to be expensive items that offer the usual motorcycle protection…because you are already wearing that!

  11. Gareth Lewis

    I must confess, I had trouble persuading myself to spend this amount of money on this shirt, but I am glad I did.
    My normal size is XL, but because I am a gentleman of a certain age, my belly has expanded out of proportion with the rest of me, so I rang for advice, and settled for 2XL. Perfect fit!
    I wear it with a tee-shirt underneath, which is ideal for hot summer days. For cooler weather, a hoody or fleece, and for British Standard Rain, a rain jacket over the top. It makes for the perfect layering system, and I am confident that the armour stays where it will be the most useful, unlike the jackets I have worn up till now. The armour itself is the most comfortable I have worn.
    So do I regret spending all that money? No, I do not!

  12. Mark Brown

    Really glad I bought the Urbane Pro Shirt. Very comfortable, plenty of pockets.
    I really like being able to not wear a waterproof /windproof layer on hot days and also when arriving at the destination can remove and walk around in non-biking clothing.

  13. Tony

    Bought this last summer in the hope I would be able to use it. I did manage to get out in it a handful of times and found it to be exactly what I wanted. Lightweight, cool when riding, just perfect. The only slight niggle I found was that after wearing it for a while (about 3 hours) I found that the thumb straps made my thumbs go numb. That aside, its perfect. Oh one last hint. When you size it, I would suggest going one bigger than the recommendation. I didnt and ended up having to go a size larger. Hoping to get a lot of use of it this summer.

  14. westcoastgser

    Fantastic fit, wear it under a jacket on cooler days or on its own in the summer. great versatile jacket and very comfortable to wear.

  15. Benjamin

    Amazing product, wear it all the time, under any jacket!

  16. Chris’

    Great product!

    You can easily put a jacket on if the temperature gets low and if you don’t it feels like you’re not wearing anything

    The thumb loops are useful as well

  17. noodlestrudle

    Really good quality does the job perfect.

  18. David Browning

    After a small delay in my Urban Pro Shirt arriving due to the colour I chose being out of stock, it duly arrived in time for the severe heat of our summer.
    The first thing that struck me was how heavy it is. Having said that, however, the weight is not noticeable once it is on.
    I ordered a size larger than I thought I needed as, as Knox say, it is designed to be a tight fit and it certainly is! This has big advantages if, like me, your body has been sculpted to perfection by beer as the jacket also acts as a very good girdle!
    The jacket is beautifully made and of excellent quality and when in use (in my case up to 40º plus Celsius) it keeps you surprisingly cool.
    All in all an excellent product and very good value for money. I would recommend the Urban Pro Armoured Shirt to all my fellow bike riders

  19. Brice

    Looks to be the best jacket of it’s kind on the market! Finally a comfortable/safe option to

  20. nicholas

    Innovative design, fits great, well made, clever solution to safe riding on hotter days!

  21. Hugo Vega

    Very happy with it. Very confortable and the best you can find for hot weather protection. And you can wear any of your usual clothes on top and being protected. High quality.

  22. Simon Tattley

    when it says this product is a snug fit, be prepared for corset style. Now I’m not exactly body beautiful (hence no photo saving you all therapy) but the fit is a good one, all the body armour is in exactly the right place and doesn’t move about, the thumb loops are a great addition to stop sleeves riding up and for me the shirt is a perfect length. I’m not sure how warm it would be on its own but under a waterproof or wind shell its ideal.

  23. Geoff

    Well made shirt but a little tight for a 5xl could be looser

  24. WilsonC

    On recommendation from a friend, I purchased this protective shirt to cope with the persistent summer weather above 30C in the sub-tropics. I bought a ‘L’ which turned out to be a snug fit, one size larger, the arms may have been too long. I’ve worn it out last weekend, although a little heavier than my other summer gear, it was quite good in removing the heat from riding in the morning sun. Thanks!

  25. Ruben

    Hello, I ride an 2007 Mv Agusta Brutale 910R, I’ve just recived my Urban pro: Perfect fit, elegant and sporty look, hyperconfortable, light, the fresh air flows throught it, you don’t feel like Robocop while wearing it. Cheers from Barcelona

  26. Merlin Spitz

    I ordered the Urbane Pro Shirt in black and it was sent to me (living in Cologne, Germany) against all corona-odds very quickly. Great service! Unfortunately I ordered it one size too small so I had to sent it back. This was no problem, because the Knox Team said they are going to sent me one in the right size and so they did! The Online-Service was outstandingly good as they helped me with some problems I had to sent it back. Very very competent and quick! Thanks again!
    The quality of the shirt itself is simply AWESOME! It fits (now) perfectly and feels extremly safe! I‘m very happy with the quality and honestly it’s a real steal for the price! I would recommend it to every rider and I‘m sure it won’t be the last product I ordered from Planet-Knox! 10/10

  27. Chris

    Purchased as a package with the Oulton Jacket. Have worn it on the hottest day so far this year on its own and it meant that I didn’t overheat in slow traffic. The short is snug, but that means the armouring stays exactly where it needs to. Brilliant on its own in hot weather. Initially saw the Knox System in their stand at the Bike Show and realised this is the way forward . Brilliant product and service directly from Knox. Can’t recommend it highly enough !

  28. matthewhardaker

    I bought this as part of the Urbane Pro offer; its an absolutely brilliant piece of kit. Makes summer riding an absolute breeze, whilst still being protected. The MicroLock armour is extremely comfortable too. The only criticism I have is the fit. Like most Knox gear, they can run a little bit small and suit the leaner physique! I’m a 2XL in Knox, whereas an XL in other brands, so order up a size.

  29. Iain Smith

    I waited a long time to pull the trigger on renewing my bike gear and this was the starting point. I have gone with full Knox and I couldn’t be happier. The shirt flows a huge amount of air and is incredibly comfortable. I have managed to fit this under a normal (baggier) shirt for riding which has been great. Check the size guide carefully, due I am normally a medium in most clothes but a large in this. The size guide is perfectly accurate but the labels seem to be one size bigger than I would have expected. Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase and the customer service received from Knox was outstanding as always.

  30. Daniel McDonald

    I wore these during a bad wreck two weeks ago. A guy driving in front of me made a sudden u-turn across double yellow lines on a one-lane-each-way road. I hit him and flew about fifty feet before slamming into a curb. I hit shoulder first, with enough force to send me over the curb and into the dirt on the side of the road. Despite the violence of the impact (I broke three ribs, punctured a lung and tore ligaments in my shoulder) I suffered almost no road rash save for a small patch of skin on my lower right hip where my jacket rode up. This would probably have been avoided if I had looped my pants through the provided jacket loops. Besides that, every part of me that was protected by the armor inserts was bruised in such a way that it was obvious I would have sustained more broken bones had I been unprotected. The mesh and fabric panels held up incredibly well – had the EMT’s not cut the jacket off of me, you would have had a hard time seeing that it had been in such a bad wreck.

    This is as solid product that I truly believe saved me from a great deal of additional pain and misery. Highly recommended.

  31. Alex Kerr

    Close fitting but comfortable and reassuring

  32. andcoco


  33. Graham

    Riding in just this shirt on a hot day like today is bliss, I carry the Logan jacket in case it rains (it’s Yorkshire) but it’s keeping me cool and protected. Arrive at destination and chuck it in a pannier it folds down so small. Leaving a smart looking Logan jacket and a smart looking me.

  34. Tobias M.

    Great product, fits well, feels comfy and was saving my skin when i had an accident with 50 km/h. Buying it again.

  35. Bert

    Fits nice (Size guide is correct). Nice comfortable feel when wearing the Urban Pro over a long sleeve shirt in hot weather. Allows me to wear any jacket I have over it.
    Just one thing: If you wear a ‘normal’ jacket over the Urbane Pro Shirt, and ride at speeds over 100 km/h, you may ruin that jacket with insect impacts ….

  36. Ian Bailey

    Live this shirt it’s simply oozes class and innovation. Mine is destined for Spain and this changes the game for hot weather biking

  37. Jan Schild

    The concept of this shirt and system of layering is fantastic as it allows you to combine your favourite non-motorcycle jacket and still enjoy max protection. Fit and finish of the shirt is spot on and it gives enough stretch to feel comfortable and snug. The only nitpick , for me, are the cuffs which are a bit too snug to get bigger hands through when you take is off. This could potentially be an issue long term. Other than that, it makes a perfect addition or first piece for any motorcycle wardrobe.Well done, Knox !

  38. james connolly

    Bought the Urbane Pro Shirt in Black/Grey really happy i did as it stands out.
    Fit is brill!! tight but that is the point, love Knox ideas about layers just feels substantial.
    I love the fact i can use this in the summer or winter with a good Jacket i see my next purchase will just have to be a Knox over Jacket. If your reading this know this these guys and gals hit a home run with the Urbane Pro Shirt!!
    Big smile from the Green Isle.

  39. Daniel

    Durch die Größentabelle passt alles wie angegossen. Die Qualität ist wie erwartet spitzenmäßig und die Protektoren schon vor eingesetzt und sehr hochwertig. Top – würde ich wieder kaufen.

  40. Scott Wilson

    exceptional bit of quality gear, fits like a second skin, and makes you exude confidence in your riding experience that you have the best protection in all the right place unlike other gear which is always never quite fitting right

  41. Simon Meade

    I haven’t had a chance to road test this yet but the impression so far is that it’s well made.
    As a protection shirt it has to fit well to do it’s job and it is a tight fit which is good.
    A little loose on the arms as I don’t have a muscular build. It would be nice if the waist area was elasticated
    for those of us without six packs
    It certainly gives you a feeling of confidence and I look forward to trying it out with loads of different outer kit.

  42. Przemyslaw

    I haven’t had a chance to road test this yet due to the fact that the temperature in Poland has recently dropped to -16 degrees Celsius and there is snow, but as soon as it gets warmer, I will test the jacket.
    The Urbane Pro fits perfectly under an arctic park, so you can enjoy the ride all year round.

    The product quality is phenomenal. The fit is perfect – jacket feels like a second skin. I wear a size L so my pick was XL, but if your belly isn’t instagramable enough, you may consider 2XL, as the jacket is ultra tight.

    I love the concept of layering and the ability to ride in all normal clothes from your everyday wardrobe. My next purchase will definitely be the Thermal Quilt when it’s available again.

    As I ordered the jacket at the end of December 2020, the only inconvenience is Brexit as I had to add customs duty, VAT and an additional UPS charge to the price which made the jacket 50% more expensive.

    Regardless, great purchase and I am very pleased with the jacket.

  43. Stewart P

    great fit , I use it under my tee shirt looks cool ( do get some comments like where’s your jacket) and feels free , gonna buy another ready for summer and winter under my camo jacket . stay safe

  44. kerrypg

    (verified owner)

    I have KNOX URBANE PRO SHIRT and didn’t think it could get better and if it did
    it would lose its original appeal in the first place which is a slim line design, That offer CE A level protection. I thought the URBANE PRO MK2 would be bulky but thats not the case. This is amazing, Knox were able to achieve CE AA rating and still feels like my original jacket. this is a must buy.

  45. Simon Hall

    (verified owner)

    Brilliant piece of protective equipment. Looks good and fits well. Very light when out riding. Allows more freedom to move. Love it.

  46. mel

    (verified owner)

    Great product. Looks great. Fits great. Feels safe.

  47. Stuart Stuarty JStuart J. Scotland.

    (verified owner)

    Worn for the first time underneath lightweight jacket, great product,comfortable, great movement, fits to size.
    to size

  48. Abraham AkotAbraham Akot

    (verified owner)

    Love its

  49. Abraham AkotAbraham

    (verified owner)

    5 Star

  50. Michael Thwaite

    (verified owner)

    I borrowed a friends MKII reluctantly because I don’t need another jacket… or so I thought! Bought one straight away after trying it on a day where I’d have been a puddle in my other gear. The paradox concerns how a mesh jacket is actually warmer that expected. There’s huge cooling but since you’re wearing it on a hot day, even at 60+ you’re never getting stripped of heat. The mesh seems to create a boundary layer at higher speeds preventing over chill. It really is quite a thing. The comfortable fit makes it feel less like a jacket too. I hope I never need to test it’s protection.

  51. bradlian

    (verified owner)

    I live in a hot tropical 28c-36c climate country where I had multiple mesh jackets from 2 famous Italian brands which I SOLD .
    I have to give it to KNOX for coming out with the Urbane Pro MK2. I had the Urbane Shirt before and decided to go with the MK2 due to the upgraded abrasion AA properties. Excellent fit , air flow and protection.
    I’m 5’7 , Size 33-34 jeans + 38inches wide chest and the size M fits me. The purchase process from Planet Knox was easy and the delivery charges by their delivery partner are reasonable. UPS managed to deliver the parcel within 5 days from UK to Malaysia.
    Fast delivery and excellent service . A+++

  52. colstrongarm

    (verified owner)

    Really glad i ordered this, excellent quality material and well made. Keeps you really cool for the summer time. Nice and comfy so i can enjoy my ride more on the hot days.

  53. Gaele

    I’m 195cm, 88kg and usually wear size L. The XL would have fit me, however my shoulder width and arm length require size XXL. Overall it stills fits alright.

    I’ve used the Urbane Pro Mk2 for four weeks in France and Spain. Without it I guess I wouldn’t have survived the summer heat, with temperatures up to 38 degrees.

    The thumb loops seem to be attached in a peculiar spot: with my arms next to my body they fit fine, with my hands on the handlebar they are twisted and too tight, so I tend not to use them.

  54. Colin Barber

    Best thing since sliced bread.
    Great bit of kit, cool on a roads, but not cold on motorways, witchcraft. But it works

  55. Nat Andrade

    (verified owner)

    I ordered the Knox Men’s Urbane Pro Mk2 Jacket complete with Micro-Lock Chest Body upgrade and the Level 2 Armour upgrade.
    When the package first arrived, I noticed that the cardboard box was of substantial quality. Once I opened the box, I was also surprised to see a coat hanger. The coat hanger has the Knox branding and is shaped and thickened to aid in keeping the jacket in shape when its hanging, a simple item often overlooked.
    My body size was just on the cusp of medium and large, and I as I wanted the chest armour, I got in touch with the sales team who were quick in replying to my questions. The items I bought, just ooze quality, and fit perfectly. The Urban Pro has great quality in its stitching and assembly which inspires confidence when I’m wearing it. I have a full set of leathers and textiles; I bought the Urban Pro to wear under a hoodie whilst practicing my stunts and its now my go-to armour for wearing on my bikes, UK weather permitting.
    I will be ordering a few more Knox items shortly, as the quality is so inspiring. For the MK3 Urban Pro, I would like to see a slightly bigger chest pocket or a dedicated phone pocket for modern phones, Velcro, or zips on the inside pockets to keep your valuables safe.

  56. Craig Brown

    (verified owner)

    Take the advice of many before like I did – it is a real fitted size. I am normally medium in most things, but got the upgraded inserts so ordered a large – very glad I did. Form fitting in every way

    I have another full vented jacket, but was hoping this could provide the same airflow with less loose bulk, and that’s exactly what it does, feels more like a long sleeve shirt than a jacket and I everything about it.

    One suggestion Knox, can YOU PUT ZIPS ON THE INSIDE POCKETS? I installed some on mine (wasn’t difficult) and the pockets are so much more useful but there is no noticeable difference when wearing it.

    Either way, my first Knox product and expect it will not be my last.

  57. pablo saldana

    (verified owner)

    I love it! Everybody has asked me if it is really a motorcycle jacket and I can use it for a long period of time and still feel comfortable.
    My only suggestion is to contact Knox customer service if you are unsure of the size so they can help you, at the end I picked up a L size and it fits me very nice

  58. WengMun

    (verified owner)

    Got my Knox urbane pro mk2. Size matches description perfectly. Now I can wear anything I fancy. Checkered long sleeves, polo shirt, t-shirts, overcoat, rain jacket or nothing at all.
    No longer with just one look on the move, #fashionstatementonamodernclassic
    Super happy with that decision !!!

  59. Paul Harle

    (verified owner)

    fantastic product and second to none customer service. I had purchased the Urbane Pro trousers last year and found them a great alternative to riding jeans and even (dare I say) Rukka Forsair whixch I had used for a few years, so I was keen to see what the jacket was like. It’s April in the UK as I write this, so I have not had a chance nor the weather to try it out on the road, but I am impressed with the construction, level of protection provided as part of the garment but most of all, I ordered the wrong size, but Knox turned around a replacement over the weekend and I had it on the Monday. Numpty that I am, I forgot to include the returns paperwork stating what I needed, cancellation or new size, but Knox took the time to email me and ask. Superb and even better British.

  60. mike rose

    (verified owner)

    so I,ve an old leather jacket I,d like to wear on the bike, and so bit the bullet and ordered the urbane pro mk2. which arrived very promptly. I followed the measurement instructions and the jacket is bang on, veery snug fit
    somewhat heaver than I expected when I opened the box, but fabulous quality. impressed.

  61. Adam Robson

    I bought the Urbane Pro MK2 from my local bike shop, originally in to buy a ‘summer jacket’ for a holiday in the Canaries, and the odd sunny Scottish day (wishful thinking). Once I tried on the shirt I was initially impressed with the comfort of the armour, compared to my normal jacket. Size-wise I had to go to an XL (6’2 and fairly slim), which provided a snug fit. In use in the canaries I was more than glad I had gone for this, especially when the temps hit mid 30’s, on the move I had enough airflow through the shirt to be comfortable. The only thing is I wish I had chosen the grey version!

  62. Les

    (verified owner)

    Bought this shirt to go enduro riding in Portugal knowing that I was going to be on the floor a fair bit. The armour kept the bruises to a minimum and the mesh kept me as cool as could be expected whilst throwing and enduro bike around the rocky slopes all day

  63. Gregory Jones

    (verified owner)

    Brilliant product but read the sizing guide here and on urban rider – both are accurate – im a 46 inch chest all the way round and fit the 3XL and my normal t-shirt size is an XL. Enables great movement whilst feeling protected, perfect without a jacket over a t-shirt in hot weather. Will need at least a wind stopping layer when not so warm and/or with a bit of wind, but the fit enables you to layer casual or bike specific layers over it providing they are a bit of a looser/larger fit. I’m really happy with it.

  64. leito

    (verified owner)

    Safety and beauty rarely meet, god do they look good together.

  65. Jeremy Pritchard

    (verified owner)

    This is my second Urban Pro (had the MK1). I wear this on every ride and love the fact that I can wear this on its own or layer on top. It’s great that the armour is all held close to your body in the right location. I also added the optional chest protector. Great quality and really great service from Knox – they just know hoe to make fantastic clothing that is stylish and functional. I can’t help myself, continuing to buy Knox gear

  66. Stephen Altham

    (verified owner)

    Bought the urbane pro mk2 from clearance at £115 and can’t stop wearing it, fantastic product that also feels very well made and safe. 39 inch chest so bought the Med which fits great. Looks great with my Knox jeans and gloves.

  67. Anonymous

    Fits perfectly, brilliant clothing.

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Size Guide

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Chest: Measure around the fullest part of your chest and your shoulder blades.

Waist: To work out your size, measure your waist in the position your trousers usually sit. As a guide this is roughly 2inches (approx. 5-6cm) below your belly button.

Please note: The measurements given are body measures and we recommend you do not measure over the clothing. Also please hold the tape measure firmly and not loosely as the measurement needs to be fitted. If you measure in between sizes or at the top end of the size, we recommend you go up one size.

Men's UK Size Chest (Inches) Chest (cm) Waist (inches) Waist (cm)
S 35-37 90-96 30 76
M 38-40 98-103 32 81
L 41-43 104-109 34 87
XL 44-46 110-115 36 92
2XL 46-48 116-121 38 97
3XL 48-50 122-127 40 102
4XL 50-52 128-134 42 107
5XL 52-54 135-141 44 112


Core Knox pieces, used for every ride and every season. Start with core protection and add layers to adapt and overcome all conditions, from unbearable heat through to driving rain.


The Knox Urbane Pro Shirt has become famous amongst riders and there is one phrase that  captures its USP  – NO JACKET REQUIRED. But what does that really mean?

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