Orsa Textil OR3 MK2

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Orsa Textil OR3 MK2



The Ultimate High Performance Off Road/Enduro Glove with an unrivalled fit and comfort.



The Ultimate High Performance Off Road/Enduro Glove with an unrivaled fit and comfort.

Details & Passform

Details & Passform

  • Pinnacle of the Off Road Collection
  • Honeycomb Gel over the knuckles, encapsulated in a strong outer shell
  • Das patentierte Knox Scaphoid Protection System (SPS) mit niedrigem Profil auf der Handfläche (Patent Nr. EP1594378) eliminiert den Greifeffekt, der auftritt, wenn eine Lederhandfläche mit der Straße in Berührung kommt, und verringert so das Risiko einer Überdehnung, die zu einem Kahnbeinbruch führen kann
  • Unique BOA® Fit System for a “Dialled-in” micro adjustable fit
  • Seamless finger construction for superior comfort
  • Single layer Clarino breathable performance palm for maximum feel
  • Perforated Leather and Air Mesh upper with abrasion resistance finger guards.
  • Terry cloth thumb panel to use as a wipe.
  • Silicone finger prints for improved grip
  • Sizes S – XL
  • Colour,  Black

Bewertungen (27)

  1. RiDE

    New gloves from Knox, aimed at off-roaders but great for road use on warm days. They’re comfortable but they’ll look after you too, thanks to Knox’s scaphoid protection system and impact absorbing gel knuckle protectors. They do up with Knox’s familiar Boa system; less fiddly than Velcro.

  2. Chris Crash

    Was given a pair of these for a present recently . Gloves seem very well made and look and feel like they will give far more protection than your average mtb glove. They are pretty comfortable especially considering the amount of extra support and protection. Not cheap but there arent many mtb gloves that offer this sort of protection to compare them against.

  3. SCN

    Brilliant gloves really tough and offer a lot of protection very comfortable too.

  4. Jon

    Had these for about a year now. Use them for green laning on a motorcycle. Great fit. Good protection. Very durable been through the washing machine a dozen times. The closure mechanism is great too.

  5. Tammy

    This was the best purchase I have ever made. Not only did I get to enjoy my cycling trip after my surgery, I rode 250 miles and climbed over 15,000 feet over a 9 day period. The glove worked perfectly. The compression really assisted with keeping my wrist in place, but allowed me to have the movement needed to shift and brake. And, most important, having the glove on gave me a piece of mind. I knew I was physically able to do the rides and the glove helped me mentally. Thank you so much for constructing such a great product. I will pass the word on to all active cyclist I know.

  6. neil e.

    Best gloves I’ve ever bought the fit and Finnish are amazing protection feel second to none and the rotary fastener is easy to use with the gloves on.Not cheep but you get what you pay for quality!

  7. Ed Wild

    At Redtread we supply our customers with what we consider to be the best protection for their off road tour in the mountains of Spain, Knox. It is our duty to provide them with a product that not only offers protection for the rocky conditions but is also comfortable to wear all day.
    On a weekly basis, customers are fitted with Knox body armour, knee pads and gloves giving them the confidence of CE approved protection. Having used many of Knox‚Äôs products for a number of years, including the Orsa MX glove, which we found pretty indestructible while putting it through everything the Spanish terrain could throw at it. We feel Knox is second to none when looking for a product that is durable, comfortable and above all offers the all round protection needed when riding any motorcycle…something our customers agree with time and time again!

  8. Ed Wild

    I have looked at the Knox Orsa MX gloves closely the other day and they are in very good shape considering they have been out on a lot of tours and been used by many different customers. As of yet there is no stitching failures, no stretch marks, and no wear marks. There’s very slight abrasions on the main part of the palm which is to be expected and a very low amount of wear and tear considering the amount of mileage the gloves have done. We have used gloves from just about every manufacturer and normally by now there would be small holes and splits developing on the side of the index finger, inner thumb and the high stress area on the palm and usually the pull tab on the back of the palm by now would be in tatters.

    We think that overall the gloves are lasted exceptionally well, especially when you consider that people don’t tend to look after kit which is not their own, I think the only downside with this glove is that you won’t sell a second set for a very long time.

  9. alan t.

    Excellent quality

  10. Andrew C.

    Fantastic gloves and fast shipping. Great fit, great quality.

  11. Peter G.

    Really pleased with the quality and fit of the gloves along with next day delivery.

  12. Doron W.

    Great gloves, my second one !

  13. Gareth B.

    Owned them two weeks, it’s rained none stop so they’ve been great around the house, but little idea how they’ll perform on the bike!!

  14. Lee J.

    Great lightweight gloves!

  15. Igal H.

    Good feel on hands, good quality.

  16. Colin H.

    Easy to deal with. Not expensive. Had what I needed. Thanks! Hope to buy rom y’all again!

  17. Jim S.

    Great gloves that fit perfectly; the size guide was spot on.

  18. Dean P.

    Excellent gloves. This is my second pair. I bought the last pair approximately 3yrs+ ago & they have been brilliant. I mountain bike off-road 2-3 times per week all year and I have a job which involves using my hands, so needed a glove that offers maximum protection yet remains comfortable with use. These gloves are perfect!

  19. Vishnu T.

    I am sold to Knox products, bought the OR3 MX gloves and have been using it for little over a week and love every part of the product, well though through and extremely comfortable to use. Shipping was lightning fast. Good job guys !!

  20. Michael S.

    I believe these are the best mountain biking gloves available. I don’t know why competitiors don’t offer similar designs but these gloves are great. I have had several bad falls and these gloves provided the right protection in the right places. I only buy Knox gloves and now so do my biking friends.

  21. Ian B.

    Very impressed with the Orsa OR3 MX gloves. Very well made, comfortable and more protection than a normal off road glove. Still give great freedom of movement for feel of the controls.

  22. Angelos Anastasiou

    (Geprüfter Eigentümer)

    Perfect though I would like a bit more restrictions for finger safety

  23. Kevin S

    SO comfortable, while providing the perfect amount of protection I need.

  24. WaiChung WaiChung

    (Geprüfter Eigentümer)

    Super lightweight, very comfortable and breathable. Exactly what I was looking for

  25. mark.gilpin

    I would buy these gloves again in a heartbeat – I have a really snatchy throttle but these gloves offer great dexterity and feedback.

  26. Steve Trevino

    (Geprüfter Eigentümer)

    Amazing lightweight will feel great this summer when it is hot, yet provide me with the protection I will need

  27. Brian Ó D

    (Geprüfter Eigentümer)

    My hands are exactly the dimensions of the small size in the sizing chart so I was concerned the gloves would be too small. They were a bit tight for the first wear but they loosened out after that and fit me perfectly now. Really nice gloves that are my go to gloves in warm weather now.

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Knox SPS

Scaphoid injury is the most common hand injury caused by the grab effect when the palm of the hand makes contact with the ground.

The Knox SPS works by attaching 2 parts to the palm of the glove, making a bridge over the scaphoid. These plastic parts act as a slider eliminating the grab effect and scaphoid injuries. This has proven to be a very effective system for riders with no loss of flexibility, discomfort or interference with the controls when operating the bike.

Knox SPS is patented technology under the following Patents No: EP1594378 & US8671463


Terry cloth thumb panel to use as a wipe.

Honeycomb Knuckles

Honeycomb Gel over the knuckles, encapsulated in a strong outer shell


Single layer Clarino breathable performance palm for maximum feel


The BOA® Fit System eliminates the need for aggressive Velcro systems. The “Dialled in” micro adjustable fit slips easily under a jacket sleeve. Delivering fit solutions purpose-built for performance, the BOA® Fit System has been engineered for fast, effortless, precision fit and is backed by the BOA® Guarantee.


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Umfang der Handfläche (mm) 215 230 245 260 275 290
Handlänge (mm) 186 193 200 207 214 221

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