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Available Spring 2017


Why Micro-Lock?

What makes Micro-Lock different?

There’s loads of armour out there but at Knox we know there is always room for improvement. There’s soft armour, hard armour, hybrid armour, plastic armour, moulded armour, flat armour... But out of all of these, not one of them is super soft, highly protective and MOST importantly, STABLE across all climates and environments.

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We must all be familiar with one of the following issues:

1. Armour becoming jelly when its hot and wondering if its going to do its job?
2. Getting your bike and jacket out of the garage on a cold morning and your armour is rock solid and frozen
3. Armour crumbling or breaking down after a year or two.

At Knox, we have tested all types of super soft armour and they are all sensitive to temperature changes. We have also found that this effects the performance and lifespan of the protectors.


To help demonstrate what happens in different temperatures. we did a couple of very simple tests on a range of soft protectors.

Cold Testing
In the first test we took the temperature of the protectors down to just below 0 degrees. The result was the protectors became so hard you could hammer a nail into a block of wood with them.
Hot Testing
In the second test, we increased the temperature to +45 degrees and found that the performance level of the protectors decreased sharply when impacted.




Knox MICRO-LOCK uses SMART technology

Knox MICRO-LOCK uses SMART technology and properties which keep the armour super soft to touch, but it locks when impacted, keeping you protected. This locking action increases the amount of impact absorbed by the protector, reducing the energy passed through to your precious limbs.


MICRO-LOCK is the softest and most comfortable protector Knox has EVER produced

This softness, linked with Micro-Lock’s smart protective qualities, mean we can engineer many shapes and thicknesses so you can find the perfect protector for every garment.


STABLE across all temperatures and environments

Knox MICRO-LOCK solves the temperature stability issue by using a unique mix of materials which keep the protector softer in the cold. MICRO-LOCK's impact performance is also STABLE across all temperatures and environments.


MICRO-LOCK is being launched early next year but we will keep you up to date with all the developments.

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