Moto Guzzi V7 III


As part of our continued product development we spent the last week riding the Moto Guzzi V7 III in and around the Lake District, 10 miles from Knox HQ.  Here are our thoughts:

The Moto Guzzi V7 III is a great all-round choice if you’re looking for a relaxed, easy to ride and friendly V-twin motorcycle that looks incredible… and this bike does look incredible.  Matt finished paintwork, the classic V7 silhouette, those big cylinder heads, and lovely detailing.  The ‘Guzzi’ really is a great thing to look at.  The overall aesthetic and proportions, particularly on the move, are stunning and we had no shortage of people commenting on how good the bike looked throughout our week-long test.

The riding experience is good too, but perhaps not outstanding in our opinion.  The engine has a nice spread of power and is a manageable 52hp and 60nm of torque.  The handling and braking is respectable and commensurate with the engine’s performance.  The V7III is happiest comfortably cruising between 30-65mph.  Up the pace and things start to feel less stable and uncomfortable, partly due to the lack of weather protection on this traditional naked, but also because the bike isn’t designed for riding at high speed.  As per Euro 4 regulations the bike features ABS and also switchable traction control, that are useful features on modern bikes.  The classic Moto Guzzi 750 twin cylinder engine has a lovely character to it, giving an energetic thrum on start-up which settles itself out nicely once you move up the rev range, keeping vibes to a minimum.  We wouldn’t describe this bike as razor sharp, eager or a willing performance machine, but that’s not what the Moto Guzzi V7III is about.  This bike is about enjoying the sensation of riding, finding a nice route on a sunny day and having a great time, knowing all the time you are probably riding one of the most stylish and cool Italian motorcycles on the road you’re riding, or any road for that matter!

The Moto Guzzi also scores high in terms of its tank range with a huge 21 litre capacity available.  This is enough for approximately 200-250 miles, which lends itself well to longer tours.

We still had some teething issues during our test, for example, the gear selection indicator appeared to have a mind of its own, often incorrectly indicating which gear the bike was in before sorting itself out.  One of the wing mirrors also decided to rotate inexplicably!  Not having our tool kit with us, we thought to look under the seat and see if there was a tool kit available (which there wasn’t), and that created another problem.  The seat didn’t go back on properly.  I don’t know if it was just us, but after about 5 attempts to get the seat back on and we were sure it was secure, we continued our test.  An hour later however, on pulling out of a junction, the seat pretty much fell off leaving me hanging on the handlebars for dear life while the seat was quickly departing the bike!  Pretty funny for the team watching, but not so much for me!  All part of the Italian charm.  Mark also found the side stand awkward to use and due to the sheer size of the side stand and how it’s positioned, it reduces the amount of clearance for cornering, so we managed to bottom it out unexpectedly.  Of course, the wing mirror issue was an easy fix and the seat eventually found its right place, but it left a couple of small questions regarding the overall ownership experience.  Nonetheless, this is a classic, stylish and very likeable machine which in the right conditions and on the right road would satisfy many a rider.

The Cost

Moto Guzzi V7 III

We obtained pricing information from our friends and Knox dealer, Via Moto Sheffield, as per below and recommend contacting them if you want to go ahead with this offer:

UK RRP – £7999 on the road

PCP finance cost

£91.29 per month
  • £91.29 per month with a £1999 customer deposit
  • term 49 months
  • 4000 miles pa
  • guaranteed future value £3,248
  • 8.9% apr representative

HP finance cost

£155.47 per month
  • £155.47 per month with a £1599.40 customer deposit
  • term 48 months
  • final payment £214.47
  • 8.5% apr representative
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What we wore

A big part of us making these review videos is not only for the pleasure of riding motorcycles, but also to test the gear that we make.

Mark's Kit

What Mark Wore in the Video

Haydon Denim Jacket

About the Haydon Jacket

A modern take on a classic; the Haydon Men’s Denim Jacket comes in a  Classic Blue Denim. The Haydon is made with superior 12oz Cordura® denim and features a removable faux shearling lining. Both Blue & Black Denim jackets are lined with DuPont™ Kevlar® fabric over the back, shoulders and elbows for extra abrasion resistance.

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Urbane Shirt MK3

About the Urbane Shirt

Urbane MKIII model has improved styling and protection. An additional asymmetric zipped chest pocket and trim updates to match with the entire outerwear range. Comes in black with contrast arrow and stretch mesh, and also comes in an additional Brown colour option. Now includes the most advanced Knox Armour ever – NEW Knox MICRO-LOCK armour in the shoulders, elbows and back.

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Spencer Jean in Black

About the Spencer Jeans

The Spencer Slim-Fit Jeans are made from superior Stretch 10oz Cordura® denim and are treated with a Durable Water Repellency (DWR) finish to make them water resistant. The jeans are seamlessly part lined with a market leading aramid fibre for abrasion coverage.

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Orsa Leather Glove

About the Orsa Gloves

A perforated short cuff summer riding glove with excellent protection, style and a superior fit.
The Knox Orsa Glove is fully CE certified to EN 13594 – 2012 passing 15 different glove tests.

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Aaron's Kit

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Roscoe Leather Jacket

About the Roscoe Jacket

The Mark II Version of the Roscoe can be found here. The Difference between the two versions is the MarkII has an integrated dual-fit zip, where as the MKI has removable leather panels. Made from high quality 1mm full grain cow hide leather, the Roscoe features stylish quilting and high-end branding. The full grain leather will develop with your own patina over time to give each jacket a unique look.

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Action Shirt

About the Action Shirt

The Men’s Action shirt, is part of the armoured shirt collection. A sporty close fitting stretch shirt, designed to give better protection to riders. The armour is held in the right place rather
than being loose in a jacket where it can move around. Includes removable Knox MICRO-LOCK armour in the shoulders, elbows and back.

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Richmond Jeans

About the Richmond Jeans

Knox Richmond jeans for men combine Cordura ® denim, a market leading aramid fibre and Knox ® CE armour. Knox denim jeans are all you would expect from a favourite pair of jeans but built for motorcycling. These smart tapered jeans have been designed with a focus on fit, high performance abrasion resistance and impact protection.

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Covert Gloves

About the Covert Gloves

3 Season Soft Leather Waterproof Motorcycle glove using patented OutDry® Technology. This glove has a total laminated membrane to the back of the leather so cannot absorb water past the leather exterior so the glove does not become heavy with water in the rain. Also the fingers will not pull out which is a massive frustration for so many riders!

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Men's Quilt

About the Quilt

The Knox Quilted jacket is a high performance warm insulating mid layer designed to work under a motorcycle jacket and can also be worn casually off the bike.
Made using INVISTA’s THERMOLITE® PLUS the quilted jacket provides warmth and comfort without weight. Its hollow-core fibres trap in air for greater insulation and heavy-duty performance.

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Moto Guzzi V7 III