Molly and Georgia approached us earlier in the year with their idea of riding across Morocco. It’s rare we get approached with female adventures, so we were all ears. We then found out they planned to do the whole thing on monkey bikes and had never even sat on a motorcycle before, we thought, now this is interesting!

The plan was to ride from Merzouga to Terres D’Amanar in 7 days crossing over the typical varied terrain in Morocco. This includes normal(ish) roads, rocky paths, a huge desert and some snowy mountain passes. It sounded amazing and we got to work kitting them out.

Of course, embarking on such a trip takes some serious planning. For Molly and Georgia, it was focused on rider training, route mapping and organising all of the documentation they would need to be able to complete their trip. For us, it was selecting the right products from the Knox range; we needed to keep them comfortable and safe in all kinds of weather and on all kinds of terrain.

Our answer was the following


Knox Zephyr Summer Riding Jacket

About the Zephyr

This would provide all of the upper body protection Molly and Georgia would need; superb Micro-lock protection in the shoulders, elbows and back and a fully abrasion resistant shell which would withstand even the toughest terrain.  The Zephyr jacket is designed for maximum breathability and comfort in hot conditions so not only would this take care of protection, it would also let all the air through, keeping them focussed and cool during their journey.

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Scarlett Skinny Jeans

About the Scarlett Jeans

Knox Scarlett Skinny Jeans were chosen not only for their great look and fit, but also to provide great protection when Molly and Georgia inevitably parted company with the bikes and made for the desert floor.  The Scarlett jeans use 10oz stretch Cordura® denim woven with COOLMAX® for great comfort and stretch. They have added protection provided via the use of top-notch abrasion resistant lining. With the armour being so easy to remove from the hips and externally accessed zipped knee pockets, this would help for an easy transition between riding and exploring the best of Morocco.

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Dual Active Baselayer

About the Dual Active Baselayer

The new Dual Active Base layer was the baselayer we chose for Molly and Georgia. The material is light, soft, is perfect for wicking away moisture in the heat and has an antibacterial finish which helps to keep it fresh throughout the week.

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C/K Women’s Wind Jacket

About the Coldkillers Winter Jacket

When the weather gets Cold, layer up! On a trip like this, there is no room for 3 different riding outfits, so we needed a lightweight yet cosy solution for those colder conditions. Our Cold Killers range offers total wind protection, fantastic water resistance and keeps you warm with a cosy fleece lining. It does all of this with the help of a high-performance windproof and waterproof membrane.  As the Cold Killers Wind Jackets are so lightweight and pack down small, they were perfect for the trip.

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Knox Orsa OR3

About the Orsa Or3 Gloves

The last piece of riding equipment on the list and usually the first to hit the ground, was the Orsa OR3 glove. Featuring a great level of protection with Knox Scaphoid Protection System (SPS), a 3-part Knuckle guard, Boa system, super breathable and durable fabrics, this glove was more than a match for the trip.

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The product feedback we received was great and the Moroccan trip will be the first of many motorcycle trips that Molly and Georgia embark upon.

We recently caught up with them both in London to talk about their trip. Watch the video below and let us know what you think! Also, for more details on the trip and the route itself, please see text below the video link.

We’d love to hear about your trips too, so get involved and let us know any crazy trips you’ve taken your Knox kit on!

Started in Merzouga, Morocco.



Day 1

We spent our first day absolutely terrified on the bikes after seeing a bad motorcycle crash.  We then proceeded to break the cardinal rule of "Do Not Drive in the Dark" by driving until 9pm and finally made it to a hotel in Tinejdad, Morocco

Day 2

We had intentions of getting a bit farther but Georgia managed to physically snap her clutch lever off which lead to an earlier night in Tinghir.

Day 3

We went through the Todra Gorge, got the bikes stuck in a ditch full of donkeys, got rescued by a Spanish biker gang, got back on the road and ended the day in Agoudal (one of the highest villages in Morocco).  Before the trip, we met with a man who used to run motorcycle tours throughout Morocco.  He told us there was not way in hell we were getting our ridiculously crappy bikes up to Agoudal but it was day 3 and we were feeling cocky so we went for it.

Day 4

This was our most technically difficult day.  We couldn't take the actual highway road as there was too much snow higher up in the mountains so we had to backtrack a little and take a 40km completely unpaved billy goat trail along the edge of the mountains.  It was absolutely insane.  We crossed streams of running water, mud pits, gravel, downhill nightmares, and climbed steep inclines at shockingly slow paces due to our 49CC power source.  Ultimately (miraculously) we made it to Msemrir.

Day 5

We went through the Dades Gorge and all the way to Ouarzazate.

Day 6

We got a late start as we needed to find a mechanic who had welding capabilities as we had an incident with a wing mirror.  We then had a rough day with the bikes, turns out monkey bikes aren't huge fans of cross country travel.  About 11 km outside of Telouet, George's bike wouldn't start and I somehow managed to lose 2nd through 4th gears so I could only drive in 1st gear.  We had to flag down a milk truck that transported our bikes and us the remaining 11km to our hotel in Telouet.

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