Let’s face it, Wax Cotton Jackets and motorcycling kind of go hand in hand. Harking back to heroes such as Steve McQueen wearing the original Barbour Wax jackets for their improved waterproofing and wind resistance, the Wax style will never go out of motorcycle fashion, matching almost any bike.

The latest Knox range of mens and ladies Wax Jackets, have incorporated the latest technologies and innovations to ensure that your wax is as good as it possibly can be.

The first element to talk about on these jackets is the modern wax cotton construction. Unlike a traditional Wax jacket that relies on the wax to provide weather proofing, the Knox jackets have a membrane instead, but still with that great classic wax look! These jackets feature a 100% waterproof and breathable 10K membrane, laminated to the wax cotton fabric, and fully taped seams to ensure the jacket’s totally waterproof.

This laminated membrane and seam sealed construction is quite different from the construction of most motorcycle garments available today.  Most waterproof jackets have drop liners to make them waterproof.

Effectively, this is a bag that sits behind the outer material to stop the water coming through. While this is popular, it means that water finds its way through the first layer of fabric and sits against the drop liner, which can make the jacket heavy and cold in the wet.

With fully taped laminated jackets like the Leonard and Lea, importantly, the water can’t get through the outer layer, meaning that the jacket stays dryer, warmer and lighter. This is much more technical and difficult to manufacture, but it makes for a lighter, more waterproof and more comfortable jacket

The Leonard and Lea use high quality gun metal studs, YKK coil and Aquaguard zips are used throughout and there’s removable ribbed cuffs and collar to protect against the cold.

The jacket’s lined with superfine high quality cotton for comfort, plus taffeta fabric is used in the sleeves that allows you to slip the jacket on and off really easily, especially when you’re wearing an armoured shirt.

As the Leonard and Lea are a part of the Knox Layering system, they also feature our unique dual fitting system, enabling you to expand the jacket when you need extra room underneath for extra layers, such as an armoured shirt and mid layers. This is simply and quickly achieved with a zip system.

Finally, there’s a really neat closure over the wrist, which really helps make great fit with your glove, and there’s a concealed elastic drawstring at the hem.