As Knox has grown from impact protection in the very first years to now being an almost head to toe brand, we are introducing great new products every season. We have also introduced some great new accessories to the collection.

Knox Studio Rucksack

To highlight the latest editions, we’ll start with the Knox Studio Rucksack.

The Knox Studio Rucksack is the perfect motorcycle rucksack, the pinnacle of an award winning range of luggage that we have been making for over 15 years. The Studio Rucksack is perfect to use in every day, whether you are commuting, working, holidaying, whatever, this bag is very versatile.


A huge roll top main compartment is where the bulk of your luggage can be stored. It is a roll top, because essentially this is by far the most efficient way we make the bag waterproof. The internal bag is laminated and tape seamed to ensure the internal is fully waterproof.

A number of other compartments and useful biker features including the helmet holding strap and comfortable shoulder and chest straps used. Finally it has a super tough leather bottom and rubber treads.

Casual T-Shirts

We are also pleased to introduce a great range of casual T-shirts to the collection. Made from a beautiful soft cotton, our T-shirts come in the following designs.

White Casual T-Shirts

Black Casual T-Shirts

Leather Belts

Finally, we have introduced a great range of UK made leather belts. These feature our Knox gunmetal buckle and the finest belt leather available. They are available in both brown and Black men’s and ladies sizes.