We have just come back from the Techtextile and TexProcess show in Frankfurt, Germany, where we saw the absolute latest technology in garment production from companies all over the world.

At Knox we are proud to have been manufacturing many of our products, in house, for the past 36 years.  It takes real skill from an experienced and dedicated team at Knox to make our technical products and the reason we visited the show was to invest more in our own UK factory, our people and our design department.

We are committed to continuous investment in skills and technology so we can produce higher quality, better made products year after year.

We saw some incredible new machinery and software at the show, automatic cutting machinery, CAD systems, 3D body scanning and automated sewing machinery. It’s a real minefield of technology but we need to choose the systems that will really add value to our Knox products without undermining or doing away with 36 years of craft, which is priceless.

At Knox, when we think about manufacturing, we think about the skills being passed down from our founder, who invented protection from scratch, to the next generation of the Knox team who understand the skill and care that needs to be taken and will carry this forward and improve it.

We think about the skills of the manufacturing staff who have been working within the company for many years and the individual lives and stories we all have within this.

We think about the hard work it takes to make a great product that really works, looks good and improves the riding experience to our customer’s year on year. This is what KNOX manufacturing is about!

We are an honest company and know we don’t get everything right. Keeping an open mind, has and always will be, an important characteristic of who we are.

The Texprocess show was a real eye-opener and we now have the task of selecting the correct technology for our brand. But the technology we choose will compliment the skills we have worked hard to accumulate.

This balance of hand made and modern technology will ultimately help us to make better products, and stay ahead in the market place.

Please keep up to date as we progress with this project.

Best regards,

Aaron Travell
Knox Director.