Hi! It’s fair to say the leather jacket is a staple of most biker wardrobes. Whether this is because a leather jacket can offer more protection, the way it makes you feel, or whether it’s because they look plain awesome, if you don’t own a leather jacket, it is definitely something you want to consider.

Knox now have 6 different leather jackets to choose from, but before we go into the specific styles and features, we’ve come up with some essentials that you need to know.

Leather Quality

We use 2 different types of leather in the KNOX leather jacket collection, Full Grain Leather and Aniline leather.

Full Grain leathers should display the natural markings and grain characteristics from the animal of which it was taken. Full Grain leathers generally come from a better quality hide or skin and no sanding processes are applied to its surface.

Aniline leather is the purest form of leather and is considered the very best quality as only the best quality hides are selected to produce it, it is therefore the most natural looking of all leathers.


When choosing a leather jacket, it is really important to select one with a high quality leather like the full grain and aniline qualities we use because it allows the jacket to develop its own patina over time. For those of you who don’t know, a patina is the unique way leather ages in use. For example, a light tan leather, will become darker with age and all leathers will crease and mould to your shape to create real personality. This will be different for every person, so makes your jacket unique to you.

The expected life of the jacket

The beauty of a leather jacket is that it has the potential to last a long time. With the proper care and attention over the years a high quality leather jacket should stand the test of time, so while a couple of stitches might need fixing and the jacket might require a bit of maintenance, your leather jacket should get better with age. So we think it is really important to choose something timeless that will see you through the years.

Off the Bike usability

What good is having the best looking biker jacket if you can only use it on the bike!? Once you have a gorgeous leather jacket you’ll never want to take it off, so it’s vital you can use it on the bike as well as for casual wear too. That is why KNOX jackets work so well here; we’ve incorporated a unique dual fitting system which enables you to re-size the jacket to cater for armour and extra layers when you’re on the bike then also allows you to reduce the size of the jacket when you are off the bike to get that perfect fit without extra layers underneath. This is all done by a clever zip running down the side and the body and sleeves.

We’ve taken all of these things into account and you can rest assured that your Knox leather jacket will be your favourite jacket for years to come.

The Range

Roscoe & Roberta - Full Grain Leather Jackets

Ford & Phelix- Brown - Analine Leather Jackets

Ford & Phelix- Black - Analine Leather Jackets