“What is Knox’s most protective Jean?”

The fact that there have been many manufacturers pushing the boundaries on Denim motorcycle Jeans with great abrasion resistance has created real interest in this area.  The Brooke and Buxton from Knox are our most protective Jeans with incredible abrasion resistance packaged with technology, fit, looks and convenience that really work for the rider.

Knox Buxton and Brooke Jeans Proudly Use

Ultra Light, Ultra Strong, Ultimate Performance.

The Knox Buxton and Brooke Jeans are fully lined with Spectra®.

Spectra is by far the highest performance abrasion resistant fabric that we have ever tested. It’s made and patented by technology giant Honeywell who had originally marketed the material in military body armour and helmets to stop ballistic impacts.  Spectra® is 15 x stronger than steel, pound for pound.  The Spectra® in the Buxton and Brooke has been woven into a soft cotton blend to ensure that the Jean is super comfortable.

However, as much as the features of Spectra® grab the headlines, more importantly in our view is the coverage that the lining gives.  So instead of making the Jean with small sections of the fabric in the seat and knee area, we have lined the whole Jean to ensure that no matter where on the Jean you were to land in an accident, you can be sure to be covered.

In comparison with the Richmond and Roseberry Kevlar® equivalent, the Buxton and Brooke Jeans with Spectra® offer approximately 3 times the abrasion resistance.

Codura® Denim

The Buxton and Brooke also feature Cordura® denim in the face fabric of the Jean. This is 4 x stronger than regular cotton denim and gives the Jean a much stronger foundation.

Micro-Lock Armour

KNOX Micro-Lock Armour is now featured in the Knees and Hips of the Buxton and Brooke Jeans as standard.  This is the latest armour technology from KNOX and gives a significant improvement in both protection and comfort.

Fit, Convenience and Looks

For the design team at KNOX, the idea of making the ultimate performance Jean was not only about getting super abrasion resistance times, it was about the whole package: the fit, the look and convenience.

The fit of the Buxton is a classic straight fit with tapered leg and the Brooke is classic high waisted fit that is tailored perfectly for female riders who don’t want their lower backs revealed on the bike!  The design is in keeping with the whole KNOX denim collection, with a classic denim look, no garish styling or embroidery work and typical pocket detailing you would expect  from a regular pair of fashion jeans.

Finally, the Buxton and Brooke Jean feature our totally unique innovation on the knee armour pocket. We have inserted a concealed zip on the inside of the Knee allowing you to insert your Knee protectors into the Jean without having to take your trousers down. This feature ensures the Buxton and Brooke Jeans are convenient and work with you whatever ride you are on.

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