One of the issue we found when developing the Knox Denim collection was that riders using Denim riding jeans have problems with their Knee armour. The issue is that the Knee armour is placed in pockets inside of the denim and cannot be accessed without taking your trousers down. This means that when you want to take your knee armour when you get to your destination, you need to take your trousers down.

The Knox Denim collection features an innovative solution that solves this problem. We have designed concealed zips on the exterior of the Knee allowing you to insert or remove you knee armour in seconds. This makes it a much better riding experience and allows you to enjoy the destination without having to take your trousers down.

Demo of the concealed zip

The Richmond currently comes in 2 colours, blue and black. They have been tailored to fit and look like regular fashion Jeans, no garish styling, no embroidery work, no stitch lines across the leg and a tapered fit meaning that they look great with all short boots.

The foundations of the Jean is a 12oz Cordura denim which is 4 times stronger than cotton denim.

Unlike other motorcycle jeans on the market the Richmond jeans are fully lined with genuine Dupont Kevlar, meaning that the integrity of abrasion resistance is consistent over the whole garment. This means that there are no stitch lines across the knee or the seat adding to the clean styling.

Riders often complain about their Knee armour moving around, so we have developed a system where an invisible band within the jean that puts a little pressure on the Knee pad to keep it firmly in place.

The Richmond, like all of the Studio Denim comes with an adjustable knee pocket meaning that if the Knee armour doesn’t fit correctly for you, you can move the knee armour down to the next level within the pocket.

Finally, the armour that is included in the Jeans is the Knox Lite+ armour, which is specifically designed to be a perfect blend of lightweight protection and low-profile comfort.

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