With August already here, we wanted to share with you some ideas about how to make the ride a better experience this summer.

Key considerations for riding gear this summer.

  1. 1). Breathability – totally obvious, but having riding gear that incorporates airflow is going to make the ride much more comfortable.
  2. 2). Flexibility – at this time of year, you need flexibility. Flexibility to move, to change layers, to pack away bulky layers you don’t need any more, to be able to arrive at your destination without feeling and looking like the Michelin man. You also need to be able to adapt to changing conditions.
  3. 3). Convenience – there is nothing worse than having to spend an age getting ready in hot weather! You want to be dressed as quickly as possible and get traveling where the wind can cool you down. Also, convenience at the destination so that you don’t have to do this in reverse.
  4. 4). Protection – All of the above needs to incorporate great levels of protection, for both abrasion and impact. While it can be tempting to ride in a T-shirt, its really not a great idea as illustrated by this man who fell off his scooter at 20mph.

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Taking into account all of the above, we’ve put together our pick of Knox products below that will help you deliver all of this. Whether it’s the airflow of the Zephyr jacket, the flexibility and convenience of the Knox outerwear, allowing you to layer up and down depending on your conditions, or the ability of the Knox denim collection allowing you to remove your knee pads at the destination without taking your trousers down, these Knox products should help you have a happier summer riding experience.

Recommended products

Urbane riding shirt and Wind Buddy

Perfect for the average summers day.

Zephyr riding jacket

It’s all you need when it’s really hot, and coupled with the waterproof over jacket you’re covered if the weather turns.

Richmond/Roseberry Jeans

With easily accessible external knee pockets the armour is removed in a flash – without a flash!

Hanbury or Hadleigh gloves

The perfect short cuff summer riding gloves.

Roscoe/Roberta Jackets

Perfect summer leather jacket with an armoured layer.


Check out our layering video overview which details how the system works.

Layering: Summer or Winter, it’s nothing new and you do it naturally every day so why not extend this to your bike wear? You’ll never look back!