The All Sports jacket is a part of the latest innovation in motorcycle clothing: the Knox Layering System. This means a move away from wearing one bulky motorcycle jacket with zip in, zip out liners, drop liners and built in armour that is impractical to remove, to a clothing system using individual layers to improve the riding experience.

A Knox layering system incorporates:

  • A baselayer to handle the moisture and keep you dry and comfortable.
  • An armoured Shirt to handle the protection element such as the Urbane/ Armoured shirt/ Venture Shirt…
  • A midlayer for extra warmth should you need it such as a quilted layer / Cold Killers layer
  • Finally, an outer jacket featuring the unique dual-fit system to allow you to increase or decrease the jacket in size to match the layers underneath.

By using the Knox layering system, rider safety is improved, and we liken this to when you buy a helmet, you are advised to wear it tight fitting so it doesn’t move around in the event of an accident. Armour is exactly the same, so by using an armoured layer separate from the outer it ensures that the armour is held in the right place. This means that should you fall off, as it is close-fitting and separate from the outer, it improves protection. A Knox layering system also improves flexibility as it is your choice what layers you use for riding, plus improved style as you can genuinely wear this jacket both on the bike and also when you get to your destination and as your favourite jacket, as it has no armour fitted. This means you can get vastly more use out of the All Sports jacket than you would a motorcycle jacket with armour already built in, giving you much better value.

The construction is a textured woven twill with a Durable Water Resistant finish on the main body, and super strong abrasion resistant panels of stretch fabric used across the shoulders and elbows. The jacket features a 100% waterproof and breathable 10K membrane with fully taped seams to ensure that the jacket is totally waterproof.

The majority of waterproof jackets on the market feature waterproof drop liners to make them waterproof. Effectively this is a bag that sits behind the outer material to stop the water coming through. While this is popular, it means that water finds its way through the first layer of fabric and sits against the drop liner, making the jacket heavy and cold. As the All Sports Jacket is fully laminated and taped, water cannot get through the outer layer meaning that the jacket stays drier, warmer and lighter.
There are 3 vents featured on the jacket, 2 on the top of the chest and 1 on the top of the back. Metal fasteners are used throughout adding to the subtle but quality aesthetic of the jacket.

On the inside of the jacket, we feature a superfine cotton which is very comfortable and high quality, plus taffeta fabric used on the sleeves to enable you to slip the jacket on easily, especially when wearing other layers.

As the All Sports is a part of the Knox layering system it features our unique dual fitting system to easily enable the jacket to expand when you need extra room underneath the jacket for extra layers, such as the armour shirt and mid layers. This is enabled by an inbuilt zip running through the waist and arms and allow you to easily expand or contract the jacket to your fit.

Finally, the jacket features a neat closure over the wrist that really helps to make a great fit with your glove.
Available in Black and Grey colour