Launching the Handroid POD MKIII, the younger and slightly shorter brother of the glove that is widely regarded as the best motorcycle glove in the world, the HANDROID.

In summary, the Handroid Pod takes virtually all of the technology of the Full race gauntlet Handroid glove and packs it into a shorter glove that is arguably more convenient for street riding. The Handroid Pod is identical to the Handroid up to wrist but then features a different wrist closure.

The MK111 version has upgrades in terms of design, revised fit and improved source of materials.

Features and specs in detail


The Knox patented exo-skeleton system featured over the back of the fingers.

The exo-skeleton is probably the most striking feature on the POD, and its purpose is to protect the full finger length. The exo-skeleton is not designed to limit movement, they are designed as a full length finger protector by offering extra impact and abrasion resistance. This system allows protection like no other glove in the world and is still an incredibly comfortable piece of kit.

2. SPS

The Handroid Pod also features the Knox patented dual-compound Knox Scaphoid protectors.

The scaphoid is a small bone in the hand connecting the base of the wrist to the thumb and is one of the most commonly broken bones in motorcycle accidents. The usual reason for scaphoid injury during an accident is due to the glove gripping when it makes contact with the road, causing a hyper extension of the wrist.

The scaphoid protection system (SPS) adds strategically placed sliders that eliminate grip when the glove hits the ground, the low coefficient of friction between the glove and the ground eliminates hyperextension of the wrist and scaphoid injuries. Really simple, but extremely effective.

3. BOA.

The Handroid POD also features the BOA Lacing system.

We use the same short glove version on the POD as we use on other Knox gloves such as the Orsa Leather. The reasons that we use the BOA fastening system is that it is totally micro-adjustable allowing a really tailored fit on the wrist, much more so than Velcro for example. For peace of mind, the Boa is backed with a lifetime guarantee backed up by the rugged high-end components it uses such as Aircraft grade stainless steel; so if it does break through everyday wear and tear, we repair it free of charge. This cover does not include damage done during an accident.


The HANDROID POD IS fully CE Approved.

This is the CE EN13594 standard, which is not the basic certification but actually the 15 point CE test that covers all aspects of the glove including: Material content, sizing, dexterity, restraint tests, tear strength, seam strength, cut resistance abrasion resistance and impact resistance amongst others. The CE approval on the Handroid Pod gives you real confidence that they provide outstanding protection.


The final point to note is the premium materials used on the Handroid Pod.

We use Japanese cowhide, Packer Australian kangaroo leather, Pittards digital goat leather among others. With the KNOX Handroid POD you are not only getting the best glove in the world from a technology point of view, but also based on the foundation that it is built out of the finest materials available.

Available in Black/White
Price £149.99
Available – NOW