Roscoe Leather Jacket

The Roscoe jacket is a part of The Knox layering system which is a move away from wearing 1 big bulky jacket with everything inside, to a system that uses individual layers to improve the riding experience.

To summarise on this, a Knox layering system would incorporate:

  • 1). A Base-layer that manages moisture and keeps you dry and comfortable
  • 2). Followed by an Armoured Shirt
  • 3). A Mid-layer over the top for extra insulation and warmth if you need it.
  • 4). Lastly; a choice of Outer Jacket, with the totally unique dual fit system, that allows you to increase or decrease the size of your outer jacket to match layers underneath.

By using the Knox layering system, we can improve rider safety as the armour is close fitting rather than in the pockets of the outer jacket which can potentially slip under impact, improve flexibility as it is your choice what layers you use for riding, and improve style as you can genuinely wear this jacket both on the bike but also when you get to your destination and as you favourite jacket as it has no armour fitted in.

The Roscoe is the final outer layer here and is a fantastic option if you are considering a leather jacket.

The construction is a 1mm full grain cowhide, which is excellent for abrasion resistance, but it is also fantastic quality. The first thing you will notice here is the softness of the leather and the fit. One of the great features of the Full grain leather is that it develops its own patina over time so it gets its own individual look over the years and it becomes even softer.

The Roscoe is a contemporary take on a classic biker style with some really nice design features. The design has quilted padding over the elbows and across the back with high end, subtle branding and finishes.

The inside facing uses the same leather and the jacket is lined with superfine cotton which is very comfortable and even the inside pocket is leather bound. We have used a taffeta fabric used on the sleeves which helps enable you to slip the jacket or really easily especially when you are wearing armour.

As the Roscoe is a part of the Knox layering system it features our totally unique dual fitting system to easily enable the jacket to expand when you need extra room underneath the jacket for extra layers such as the armour shirt. This is a sizing panel which simply zips out of the jacket and back in again when you need it. This makes the jacket a perfect fit with or without armour.

All zips featured are YKK. A YKK metaluxe zip on the front gives that authentic metal look but without the issues of metal zips on bikes
Finally, the jacket features a clever wrist closure with snap fastening that really ensures a great fit with your glove.