Knox protection is often used in the movies – top stuntman Rick English relies on Knox both for biking and other stunts.
His most recent credits include Kingsman: The Secret Service and Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.

You might not be aware that stuntmen are wearing Knox, because it’s usually worn beneath their costumes (and they’re often standing in for a famous actor).

So we were really pleased to see Knox being worn on the outside in a brand new TV series.

Chronos, the time-travelling bounty hunter in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, is wearing a pair of Handroids. We’ve seen some racing legends wearing Knox Handroids, but this is the first time someone with super-powers has been spotted in them!
Shown on Sky1 in the UK, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is an action adventure television series packed with special effects & comic book nostalgia. Visit the official website at DC’s Legends of Tomorrow to find out more and see the trailer.