At Knox we still manufacture many of our garments in our factory in the Lake District.

While we are passionate about manufacturing and its importance to the brand and the economy it would be fair to say that many of our customers don’t realise that many Knox products are still made in the UK.

UK manufacturing and the motorcycle Industry.

20160512_080629Most motorcycle clothing and accessory brands in the market do not manufacture any of their own clothing and have them made for them in Asia. While most people realise this, it’s important to understand the difference and the innovation and skill it takes to bring a product to market.

The modern clothing and accessory brands usually design their products on paper and use computer design packages. They then send them over to a far Eastern sub-contractor for them to work out how to manufacture, pattern, grade, construct and then manufacture. This is the best case scenario, the worst is a surplus of off the peg garments that Far Eastern manufacturers produce that are ready to go and a brand just has to apply their own branding.

At Knox, every product that we make is designed from start to finish. This means starting with ideas and sketches. Then travelling to source and select materials from around the world. Then computer design and pattern cutting, grading sizes, planning out exactly the best manufacturing methods to get the best product possible. All of our designers are trained pattern cutters and machinists so have real depth of knowledge about how to translate what they have designed on paper into a finished Knox garment.
There is an incredible amount of detail in the manufacturing process too. Choice of machines, stitch type and size, thread choice and then the knowledge of how to construct the garment. In our view this means that we can engineer a great product and while we don’t have the capacity to make all Knox products in house, we apply the same development principles to every product we make.

We believe our UK manufacturing adds real value to our customers for 3 main reasons.


We have the in-house skills to design, develop and actually make new cutting edge products. Examples of this innovation would be our new layering system; a brand new innovation in motorcycle clothing including a revolutionary dual fitting clothing system in our outer garments, that changes the way that motorcyclists wear their clothing.


Our UK manufacturing means that we keep a close eye on the quality every day. By applying efficient LEAN manufacturing principles we also make in much smaller batches than Far Eastern manufacturers, meaning that we can control quality to a much closer level and also if there becomes a problem, we can fix it very quickly rather than flooding the market with products that are not quite right.

Speed to Respond

Our UK manufacturing means that we are quick to develop or improve products. An example of this would be our Zephyr jacket, the perfect summer riding jacket, which is made in the UK and is the result of many requests.

We are also now able to offer an alteration service for the new denim jean collection and also a quick repair service if it is needed.
Overall, we feel that UK manufacturing helps give Knox an edge and improved service for riders and therefore, irrespective of the cost and hard work to operate it, we are incredibly proud to have it.

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