trails to the forgotten
In ten days, Mickey Bergin and Katie Jennings will embark on an epic overland ride from their home here in the UK to New Zealand.

The couple – who met at an off-road riding school in 2014 – aim to ride their AJP PR4 240cc enduro bikes through 22 countries during their year-long trip, taking in Northern and Eastern Europe; Turkey, Iran and Pakistan; into India, Nepal and South East Asia; before shipping to Australia and finally New Zealand.

Alongside documenting their journey, artist and photographer Mickey will produce a photo-documentary about abandoned places: searching out manmade structures that have been reclaimed by nature and researching the reasons for their abandonment. Mickey explained: “Chernobyl is one place that we plan to visit for this purpose, but I hope to tap into local knowledge along the way to find smaller, more obscured examples.”

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Neuroscientist Katie will also be busy en-route, and plans to visit schools and science centres to gain a better understanding of how access to education for underprivileged children can be improved, she added: “I’m interested in the perception and application of scientific method in the real world, and I feel that it should play a larger role in education than it currently does. There are many projects in other countries leading the way with similar thinking and I’m looking forward to learning from them.”

Mickey and Katie will be wearing Knox ORSA Leather Gloves, Knox armoured shirts and Dry Inside base layers on their trip. They chose Knox kit because of it’s versatility, and it’s ability to keep them comfortable and protected through the huge range of weather and road conditions they’ll experience.

Mickey added: “Knox gear is tailored towards an optimal combination of flexible utility and protection, and in a male-dominated industry it’s a big bonus for Katie to find women-specific kit.”

Mickey and Katie are set to depart on 29th May and alongside final preparations to the bikes, equipment and paperwork, are getting ready for the mental challenge too, Katie said: “I swing between excitement and terror, so my preparation has consisted of riding the waves of discomfort and staying on course. I keep telling myself it wouldn’t be an adventure if it was comfortable, plain sailing all the way.”

Mickey added: “We’re both looking forward to the sights and smells of each country, the changing landscape and meeting new people. I’m not really worried about anything, I just can’t wait to see what’s around each corner. Katie will do the worrying for both of us!”
Follow Mickey and Katie, and keep up to date with their respective projects, via their WEBSITE.

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