The Knox Hanbury is a classically styled 3 season men’s glove which has been designed as part of our Studio Collection of outerwear.

Styling and Fit.

The first thing to note is the styling. The Knox Hanbury is the perfect glove to fit with any classic looking jacket and is the ideal partner for the Knox Roscoe Leather jacket.
The glove is constructed from a 0.8mm cowhide leather which is incredibly soft, supple and comfortable and provides good protection at the same time.

The 1st thing you notice when you put this glove on is that it fits incredibly well – like a glove!

The glove features accordion leather panels on the back for styling and to improve the fit. On the back of glove there are also 4 gel pads positioned over the knuckles to give extra padding in this area.


As the Hanbury is a Knox glove it benefits from the most important protective feature on any motorcycle glove, the Knox Scaphoid Protection System or SPS.
The KNOX Scaphoid Protection System is protected by a worldwide patent and is used by many other motorcycle brands for their own gloves.

How it works.

Nearly all accidents will involve you putting your hands down first.
After all, it’s a natural reaction to put your hands out to save yourself in a fall.
The common Scaphoid injury is caused when the leather palm grips the tarmac when it makes contact with the road which then leads to scaphoid injury through compression and hyper extension of the wrist.

Having the SPS in place means that rather than gripping the surface, the glove doesn’t grip and slides away reducing compression and hyper extension of the wrist.

At the base of the fingers there is also a Clarino overlay for extra feel of the controls.

Perfect for this SEASON.

The Hanbury gloves are a perfect solution for this seasons riding as the style is “on trend” and the design is low profile. We have already received great feedback from customers wearing them in warmer weather, saying that the mixture between the fit, the materials used and the wrist length makes the Hanbury ideal.

You can check that out at: https://www.planet-knox.com/product/mens-studio-glove-hanbury/

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