The Importance of Back protection

What is the importance of a back protector?

The obvious answer is that your back is the largest area of your body and therefore the chances of hitting it on something when falling off a motorcycle is greatly increased. It’s also a well-known fact that spinal injuries are a serious problem in motorcycle accidents.
A motorcycle back protector is designed to protect the spine and the central nervous system housed within it. The central nervous system connects the brain to every part of your body and controls essential functions like your heart and lungs, through to moving your toes.

The spine can be divided into 4 areas, cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral:

The Cervical – The upper part of your spine that controls all upper limbs, your vital organs, heart and lungs.

The Thoracic – The central part of your spine that controls all the activity in your torso.

The Lumbar and Sacral – The lower part of your spine that controls your lower limbs, bowel, bladder and sexual functions.

This means that an injury to any part of the spine or central nervous system can result in a lengthy recovery period and can affect many other areas of your body, either temporarily or permanently.

A back protector is designed to provide impact protection for your back and spine. It is key that the back protector absorbs as much energy as possible therefore reducing the amount of energy transferred to your back during an accident, whether this is landing on tarmac, hitting a bollard, a tree or a kerbstone.

A back protector is also designed to aid movement, not restrict it. If a back protector was made in a rigid structure it would not absorb the energy created in a crash situation and could pass this energy onto the nearest weak point, potentially creating further injury.

Whilst a Knox back protector cannot guarantee your absolute safety, when used correctly it can help to prevent injury to your back. We are proud to say that over the years we have received thousands of customer testimonials confirming that their KNOX back protector saved them from serious injury or kept them out of a wheel-chair.

Important things to consider when buying a back protector:

  • Coverage – You’re looking for the maximum coverage possible without interfering with the fit of your clothing or helmet.  Insert back protectors are often too small in their coverage and don’t cover your lumbar area (the part controlling your lower limb functions).
  • Correct Fitting – It is vital that your back protector is the right size. Visit a Knox Centre where a trained member of staff will measure your torso using a Knox fitting guide. Alternatively, download our fitting guide from our website.
  • Convenience – Choose something that fits your riding style. We have lots of options to choose from whether you’re racing or touring.
  • Comfort – A good back protector should always be comfortable.
  • Compliments your Clothing – Your clothing will determine the style of back protector you need. If you need help with this then get in touch, we’re here to help!
  • Confidence – A back protector will not only make you safer out on the road but will also give you confidence, as you know you are wearing the right equipment. That way you can concentrate on your riding.
  • CE approved – All Knox back protectors are CE approved.

For more information, please get in touch with us, visit a stockist or check us out online at

Stay safe, Knox.




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