Knox Studio Rucksack

Over the years we have had many really successful Motorcycle Rucksacks, the Knox Aeropack, Sixpack and Kpack. If you have been on the bike scene for a while you will have definitely seen them at a Race Meeting, Bike club or Motorcycle Show.

The reason we decided to make a Rucksack in the first place was when we were looking for one to use ourselves, we couldn’t find a product on the market that worked for us. So we decided to make our own.

The foundation principles were always: comfort, good amount of storage, a helmet carrying system of some sort and waterproofing.

The Knox Studio Rucksack is the latest edition.

First thing to note is the aesthetic design, The Studio Rucksack fits right in with a lot of the other products in the Knox line up. It has a classic look, low profile enough to be used as your motorcycle rucksack, but also off the bike in your everyday life without loud colours.

The Studio Rucksack is what is called a roll top bag. In our opinion, this is the safest and most consistent way of making a waterproof rucksack and the name kind of described how it works. This makes it very difficult for water to find its way into the bag.

The main compartment is totally waterproof; the inner is made from a waterproof/breathable membrane fabric that is taped here in Cumbria in the UK so we can guarantee the quality.

The bag features a 25ltr storage which in our opinion is the ideal capacity for, without making the bag too heavy for stability and wind buffeting.

A Helmet carrying system was also really important to us, and over the years we have had many different solutions. We have now implemented a simple strap system that comes out of the top of the main compartment flap and is designed to slip through your chin bar or chinstrap.

We have constructed the rucksack with brilliant biker friendly straps, plenty of adjustment, good spacer fabric padding on the straps and good coverage on the inside of the bag to keep the airflow going.

The construction of the bag is in a 600 denier polyester that is also PU backed for extra water resistance. The base of the bag is made from tough leather with rubber tread on to protect the bag when you place it down.

Overall, this is the latest standard in motorcycle Rucksacks and should be a core item in your favourite kit.

Knox Studio Rucksack


The Studio Waterproof Rucksack Feature Video