The Weather.

It’s certainly harder to predict these days and for a biker, exposed to the elements, the best clothing options are always going to be good layering systems.

For the New Knox base layer collection we have used technical fabrics that can manage differing temperatures and are comfortable in most conditions.

Knox Dry Inside base layers have been designed to keep you cool on a summer’s day and warm in frosty winter by using the technical performance of Merino Perform™ Advantage, woven in Australia.

The entire collection is carefully made in our own UK Factory in the beautiful Lake District and consists of 9 Original designs of shirts, shorts and long pants designed for both Men and Ladies.

So what is Merino Perform ™ Advantage technology and how is it different to Standard Merino?

It’s a clever combination of super soft Australian Merino wool mixed 50/50 with cooling and fast drying synthetic fibres. The result is a more advanced cooling and drying process making it perfect for wearing all year.

Australian Merino is famous for producing the finest lightest wool that wicks moisture from the skin keeping it dry and insulated and perfect at regulating temperature.

By adding cool synthetic fibres to manage moisture transfer the garment does not cling onto moisture so is perfect in hot weather too. Unlike other types of wool, superfine merino fabric is soft and comfortable to wear without itchiness as each fibre has a silky outer layer. It’s also the perfect casual garment and works in your everyday life as well.

The collection is ideal for motorcyclists as it has a high tensile strength as well as being highly breathable, naturally antibacterial, fast wicking and drying.

So let Knox Dry Inside motorcycle base layers keep you comfortable on the bike across the seasons.

Dry Inside