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Dental practice manager Rachel has lived and breathed bikes since passing her test a decade ago: “If there’s one thing I love it’s riding my bikes. I ride every day to work – as long as it’s not snowing; on evenings out meeting friends; I do weekends away and longer holidays, as much as I can; and I’m a regular at Maria Costello MBE’s Women’s Only Motorcycle Trackdays. 

Rachel’s been wearing the Studio Collection for a few months, for both her daily commute and leisure rides. Given the range of riding she does – and the myriad of weather conditions she inevitably experiences along the way – we thought it would be quite the test…

“When my Lea Wax Jacket arrived, my first impression was ‘quality’. This wasn’t going to be a jacket just for biking, it was classy and would look good anywhere.

Having said that, it’s honestly the best jacket and system I have owned for on the bike. My gear has a lot of wear, and has to cope with all sorts of weather conditions, but having owned this jacket for a few months now it still looks as good as the day it arrived.

The Studio Collection system is excellent. I always wear a base layer. The Knox ones work well and the armoured shirt, I have to say, is the most comfortable I’ve ever worn. On cooler days the thermal quilted jacket also goes on; absolutely brilliant design on the sleeves, how the zip opens all the way to the waist for the quilted jacket to fit in comfortably.  

Once it gets to summer I am definitely going to buy the Roberta Leather Jacket for warmer riding and the good thing is that with the Knox system it all still fits together, I can still wear the armour and the jacket will look good again both off and on the bike.”

Rachel wears the Lea Wax Jacket, Womens Armoured Shirt and Thermal Quilt, as well as Dry Inside base layers.

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