Not your average denim

‘Thinking outside the box’ is a much overused phrase, but that’s what we were doing when we came up with the Studio Collection concept.

Rather than just trying to make bike clothing a bit better than it already was, we decided to think about how it could – and should – be done differently. And we ended up turning the whole idea of what you wear on and off the bike on its head.
The Richmond and Roseberry denims – the latest addition to the collection – follow the same ethos. The first question was: why can’t you have bike jeans that look and fit like high-end fashion? Well you can, if you re-think the materials you use and how you use them.
Yes you need abrasion resistance, but carefully analysing accident stats, instead of just aiming for headline-grabbing abrasion times, resulted in the right amount of protection on the bike, but a much lighter and more flexible jean to live with off it.

It also meant they could be tailored to feel and look like regular jeans. From the start they had to fit well, so we took some time to get the fit and pattern right, so everyone can look good in them. We chose a 12oz Cordura® denim (4 x stronger than regular cotton twill), in classic black and blue colours, tapered the legs, and really toned down the branding and logos, for a clean and classy look. We also put a lot of work into the construction of the Kevlar® lining,  so we could avoid bulky side seams on the outside leg and deliberately faced the flat felled seams to the back.

The second issue that crops up time and again with motorcycle jeans is how to deal with the armour – having to turn the jeans inside out and wrestle the protector in and out of the lining or strap protectors onto your leg, under the trousers are just not a good things to do. We figured that nine times out of ten, the armour end ups in the bottom of a cupboard or on a shelf in the garage, where they’re going to offer very little protection. So, out went the annoying inside pocket and in came access from the outside, through a discrete zip that’s concealed on the inside leg seam. Undo the zip and out comes the knee armour; you don’t even need to take off the jeans.

We also built in a ‘smart system’ which holds the knee protectors against the knees when riding. Oh yes, we also added Knox CE approved armour in the knees and hips as original equipment so you don’t have buy these as extra’s. (add link or pop out to CE armour)
All little things really, but added together they make a massive difference to the riding experience.


The men’s Richmond jeans come in sizes S-3XL with a leg length of 33 inches  ( BLUE | BLACK )

The women’s Roseberry in sizes 8-18, with a 32-inch leg. ( BLUE | BLACK )