The Knox Covert Glove Review.

The following is an excerpt from Motorcycle Usa:

Racing motorcycles is a huge help in terms of road riding, not the least because racers tend to have a much greater feel for surfaces than their touring companions. The problem is that we are also ever so fussy and nit picking over riding clothing – and never more so than with gloves.

Try as I might, and I really have tried, I cannot manage to ride in thick, clumsy, road gloves which are the equivalent of making love whilst wearing ten prophylactics. You know that the handlebars should be providing a strong sensation of what the front wheel is doing but you’re so distant from the action that it’s of no interest.

Knox Covert Glove Review
This is why I have always insisted on riding in thin racing gloves in conditions which were patently too cold and too wet to be sensible. At one time, I simply suffered but then heated grips came along and so I still suffered – but a little less.

Then the Knox Covert glove was born and things changed forever…

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