We perform some pretty thorough testing of all our products here at Knox, but freelance travel writer Jamie Duncan has just put our kit well and truly through its paces, on an amazing trans-continental ride.

Jamie rode a very pre-owned Kawasaki KLR650-B Tengai on an epic five-month trip across West Africa for Bike magazine, taking in Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia, Cote d’Ivoire, Nigeriaa and Cameroon.

Along with the breadth of countries and cultures Jamie traversed on his trip, he also experienced a fair variety of weather conditions; from the cold and damp shores of Blighty to the searing dry heat of the African plains, and everything in-between. It was as much a test of his kit’s resolve as it was of his, and we’re happy to say both performed admirably.


Jamie rode in the Leonard jacket, Urbane Shirt and Dry Inside, having some excellent feedback on the performance and versatility of all three:

“I really like the style, the clever expanding zipped panel and the modular nature of the [Leonard] jacket.”

He also gave a great report on Dry Inside:

“Kept me cool, dry and comfortable in the 90%+ humidity of a West African summer. I wore it pretty much everyday during the four month trip and, amazingly, [it] still smells as fresh as when it was new (well, almost!) Impressed.”

We’re delighted Jamie’s home safe and sound (and a little jealous of his trip), and over the moon that our kit has performed as well as we knew it would.

For more about Jamie’s trip visit www.bikemagazine.co.uk