MCN devoted a full page to the new Knox Roscoe leather jacket. Editor Tony Hoare wrote;

Knox kit works as well off the bike as it does on it.

The transfer from protective bike kit to fashion statement happened decades ago, but since the advent of the armour in the mid-nineties its not made for the most comfortable alliance.

Thats where the most recent innovation from the armour people Knox comes in. They’ve created a riding jacket that can be quickly revised to suit casual wear rather than hacking along at 70mph.

As well as being able to wear this gear casually without looking like a 1980s refugee with padded shoulders, a snug-fitting armoured shirt ensures the armour protects the joints rather than having badly place pockets.

See the full review in July 22nd issue of Motorcycle News.



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Excerpt from the article:

The new Roscoe and Roberta leather jackets from the Knox Studio Collection can be transformed from fully functioning classic motorcycle jackets to stylish street wear, and back again, thanks to an ingenious Dual Fit system.

The jackets are perfect for riders looking for non-bulky stylish clothing and are designed to give a seamless transition between life on and off the bike.

The Roscoe and Roberta leather jackets are designed to fit over any Knox armoured shirt, providing CE-approved protection on the bike. When you want to wear the jacket casually, on its own off the bike, remove a Dual Fit zip panel under the arm and the jacket is resized to fit perfectly without the armoured shirt.

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Knox Leather Jackets Review


Moto DLX

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Excerpt from the article:

A few weeks back I received a very timely offer to try out some of the new offerings from Knox’s Studio Collection.

As the temperatures soared in the South East of England, riding around in a heavy leather jacket in London left me a horrible sweaty mess even though my commute is only a few miles.

So when I received a mail from Dan at The Fabulous Biker Boys asking me if I was interested in trying out some Knox gear I almost bit his hand off. I’d been looking for a lightweight armoured jacket for a while but hadn’t seen one I’d liked so I was chuffed when I was asked to have a look at the range and choose something.

For me, it was a no brainer, I promptly plumped for the ‘Leonard’ wax jacket, the ‘Venture’ armoured vest and a pair of ‘Orsa’ gloves. These seemed perfect for my daily needs and 24hrs later a box arrived at work with all the above beautifully packaged inside.

I am a designer by trade and the brand redesign for me gives Knox an extra level of appeal that it’s not had before. Yes I always wanted a pair of the ‘Handroid’ race gloves while I worked at TWO/Visordown, they always went to the fast guys and never the mere mortals, but on logo and presence it didn’t feel in the same league as the big Italian brands. Much has changed, and since August 2014 Knox has a new look and feel that is exciting, cool, stylish and they’ve backed it up with a range of merchandise that will have the Italians looking over their shoulders.

Knox Venture

I’ll start with the ‘Venture’ for it is that the got used first and was chucked on over a T-shirt and underneath a shirt for the short commute to work. It’s ideal for town riding, an aerated fabric for the arms with a breathable lycra on the chest to support the shape and zip. It’s a snug fit all over and would do enough in the initial phase of a crash or impact to warrant its wearing. Undoubtedly it would…

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Knox Studio review by MotoDLX

Classic Bike

Classic Bike
Commenting on a rainy ride home using the Leonard Wax, editor of Classic Bike, Gary Pinchin, wrote.

Sure enough, coming home it was chucking it down and the jackets were great.

See the full review in August Issue of Classic Bike.

100% Biker

100% Biker
100% Biker enthused

Tailored to fit like wax jackets, they swiftly transform into motorcycle wear, thanks to an ingenious expansion system that allows an armoured shirt to be worn underneath

See the full review in August Issue of 100% Biker.

Scootering Magazine

Iggy, of Scootering Magazine rode to Croatia and back, using the armoured shirt and Leonard jacket and was impressed!

The vest is very comfortable; in fact you can easily forget you’re wearing it. The Leonard jacket looks great is very comfortable and not half as a bulky as a conventional bike jacket. Its light, waterproof and certainly warm enough

See the full review in August Issue of Scootering Magazine.