The following is a review from Charlie at Fast Bikes

Another impressive piece of work from the finest purveyors of specialist protection, Planet Knox, needed a good going over. So, over to Charlie for more!

Back in issue 274 of Fast Bikes we featured Planet Knox in a piece detailing the Best of British companies, looking at many of the innovations that had come out of the Cumbria based company. From the world’s first back protector in 1981 right up to the present day and the distinctive Handroid race glove. Since that article there has been a logo change – very different from the red angry-knox-face . A new office added in ‘dat dare London’ and a new focus to add to the unquestionable success of their racing product. Change was afoot, and at Motorcycle Live last year the ‘Knox Studio Collection’ was launched gaining an enormous amount of attention, and certainly Fast Bikes’ best in show for innovation.

The Studio Collection combines 30plus years of experience developing CE approved armour, driven by the Managing Director Geoff Travell, with a new style and sophisticated casual look designed by April Travell. Based on a principle of layering up, the Studio Collection combines armoured vests, and a thermal quilted jacket that can be worn in its own right. Finally a beautifully designed waterproof over-jacket that is as good onboard as out and about.

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