The idea

Hyperbòrea is an artistic journey of over 10,000 kilometers which will start from South Italy, specifically from the village of Parabita, it will cross the entire continent,finishing in the North Cape (Norway), then from there continue for another 1500 kilometers and ends in Rīga (Latvia).

The artist Davide Leopizzi will address the entire performance in solitary aboard his Vespa PX125E of 1982 and will cross 10 countries: Italy, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia, Estonia and Latvia.

In addition to the remarkable performance on asphalt, the program finds its basis in the actions that Leopizzi intends to achieve along the way: the art installations that will take shape in extraordinary places that he will explore. The job requires great incentives and persistent commitment and will be constantly documented through notes, drawings, photos and video.

Where Knox comes in

Knox have provided David some awesome products for him to deal with the different climates and conditions on his journey.