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The following a review by Carli Ann Smith can be found in the new issue (April, 2015) of Motorcycle Monthly:

A lot of gear that claims to be suitable for use off the bike needs the armour removing, then never quite fits right without it. However, the new Knox Studio Collection uses a number of ‘separates’ to allow riders to pick and choose which suit their needs. Wearing an all armoured shirt from the range negates the need for this Lea Wax Jacket to contain any armour, so it looks – and fits- just like a regular jacket. Made from a washed wax, the Lea is very supple and doesn’t smell like most waxing jackets or leave a greasy feeling on your hands when you’ve touched it.

Knox claims it to be 100% waterproof; I’ve used it in drizzle so far and haven’t got wet, and the YKK Aquaguard water-resistant zips are fitted.

Two zips also run under the sleeves and down the sides of the jacket, to accommodate the armour and any extra layers. Off the bike, close the zip and the jacket is a size smaller so it can be worn fashionably. Fit can further be customised by pulling in the adjustable waist, while there’s an adjustable cuff closure system and a removable throat guard. Underarm loops let you attached reflective arm bands, and an optional hood costs £29.99.

I would have liked a little more fabric around the hips so that it flared out when on the bike – the brilliant system that accommodates the under-layers means there’s no facility to expand the fit at the hips. This isn’t a major problem though, as it’s still comfortable and looks good.

The lea really is a great jacket- trips to the supermarket, work, visiting friends, riding the bike, walking the dog; apart from sleeping, I’ve rarely taken it off…

Womens Armoured Shirt

Womens Armoured Shirt

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The armour is taken care of with the £99 Knox Armoured Shirt; this stretchy top contains CE-approved body armour on the shoulders, and elbows, along with a Level-1 approved back protector. All the armour can easily be removed for washing, and there’s a useful front pocket for smaller items.

While I use my EXO heated vest when it’s really cold, the Knox Thermal Quilted Jacket acts as a brilliant layer to keep you warm. It uses Thermolite Active insulation with hollow-core fibres trapping in air for insulation. Lightweight and thin, it costs just £39.99.

Cleverly, there are no unsightly tags and seams on the quilted top – it looks like a stylish bomber jacket and is great worn casually on its own. The two pockets on the outside don’t have zips, but come in handy for tucking your hands in when the temperature drops if you’ve got the main jacket on.

The pricing of the individual elements mean that you could get an outer jacket, armoured shirt and quilted jacket liner for around £370. I tend to think about things as ‘cost-per-wear’, and with this set-up you have even more opportunities to wear the individual items, meaning it’s an efficient way to spend your cash.

I love this approach to motorcycle gear, and really like the idea of the ‘modular’ concept. Pick and choose which of the under-garments you want – the armoured shirt, the quilted jacket or the styles style top – and you’re off.

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If you would like a closer look at the Lea Wax Jacket take a look at the Blue/Black or Black jacket here on the Knox Website.