It’s not only professional motorcycle racers who rely on Knox for their work, so do many stunt men. Rick English has ridden bikes for film and TV productions including Mamma Mia, Spooks, Casualty, The Bill, Primeval and many more.

“For film and TV stunts it is quite important to choose armour carefully as the equipment chosen has to be able to take more than one impact” explains Rick. “Some motorcycle protection is designed to deform and therefore is good for just one accidental impact. On a movie, we may repeat the same stunt several times and the armour used has to be up to this!”

Rick has used Knox back protectors for several years and currently wears a Knox back protector or Cross Shirt for riding, alongside Cross Max Knee guards, as they give great knee and shin protection, which is especially useful as he tends to wear shorter boots for trick riding.

Stuntmen wear body armour for nearly every type of job; “My old Knox armour jacket has taken falls on Batman Begins and Casino Royale and never let me down”. Rick chooses Cross guard elbow pads for non-bike stunts because they give great protection but are quite low profile for use under costume. “Just last week I was relying on these to take the initial impact as I jumped through a 2nd floor toughened glass window!”

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