3x Dry: Dry on the Inside - Dry on the Outside - Dry in a Flash

Summers can be short and we want to enjoy every moment of riding at this time of year. It’s the best time to ride but too many riders find they become too hot, sticky and uncomfortable.

Wearing Knox Dry Inside base layer clothing is the answer.

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Dry Inside Base Layer Technology

Knox Dry Inside is a range of performance base layers that are designed to keep the wearer dry and comfortable in all conditions and provide a barrier that stops the stickiness from sweat in hot conditions. Made from 95% natural cotton and 5% elastane the garments are treated with 3XDry® from Schoeller - The Feelgood Technology and as a result are the most comfortable performance base layers around.

With Knox Dry Inside perspiration from the body is quickly absorbed from the inside of the fabric and transported to the outside where it is distributed over a larger surface area that ensures rapid evaporation. This stimulates a natural cooling effect which helps to protect from overheating. This ensures more energy during active periods.

Whether you use Knox Dry Inside in sunshine or light rain, during a 3000 metre climb or a Sunday hike, the 3XDRY® feelgood-technology lets your body breathe and feel dry-all-round. The uncomfortable stickiness of a shirt or pants on your skin is diminished.

Undesirable perspiration marks are practically invisible from the outside. Moreover, the natural cooling-effect of 3XDRY® makes you feel really good and you have more energy during active phases.

Dry on the inside:

Since perspiration is immediately absorbed and distributed over a large surface with 3XDRY®, the moisture evaporates fast and close to the body. This assists the natural cooling function of the body and ensures more energy during activities.

Dry on the outside:

3XDRY® also keeps the textile's surface dry and clean. The finish reliably repels water and is significantly less susceptible to dirt.

Dry in a flash:

Moreover, because Knox Dry Inside clothing is treated with 3XDRY®-finishing they dry noticeably faster than without 3XDRY®.

Advantages of the Knox Dry Inside using 3XDRY® technology:

  • Advanced Moisture Management System
  • Enables the skin to breathe
  • Ensures wear-comfort you can see and feel
  • Technical Layering System
  • Cotton eliminates skin burns


Q: What makes Knox Dry Inside different from competitor products?

A: The Dry Inside collection uses 3XDRY®. This is the only technology that displays hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties on a single layered textile.The combination of water repellence and moisture-management is unique.

Q: In which fields / markets is the technology suitable?

A: It is particularly suitable for garments that are directly worn on the skin (next-to-skin) therefore the T shirts and pants in the Dry Inside collection are ideal. The collection is suitable for those who find themselves in intensive, hectic, or hot environments; e.g. sport, outdoor activities or while travelling.

Q: Is the air permeability or feel of the fabric affected by the treatment?

A: The 3XDRY® treatment has neither an influence on the air permeability nor the appearance or feel of the fabric.

Q: How long does the finishing stay intact?

A: The wash permanence of the 3XDRY® treatment is approximately 35-50 washing cycles @ 30 degrees. We recommend that the garments are turned inside out for washing and ironed on the inside or tumble dried. No fabric softener should be used during the wash.

Q: The feelgood effect of 3XDRY® has got weaker, what should I do?

A: In order to guarantee the optimal function over a longer period of time, the product should be ironed on the inside or tumble dried after washing. In this case the finishing can often be regenerated.

Q:Is there a certain washing detergent that I can't use?

A: No fabric softener should be used.